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Dec 23, 2010 07:42 PM

Slide-in induction ranges

I'm looking for a 30" slide-in induction range with a convection oven. As far as I can see, I only have 3 options:

--Kenmore Elite 4500 ($2879 from Sears)
--Electrolux EW30IS65JS ($3099)
--Frigidaire Pro Hybrid FPCS3085LF (currently onsale for $1643)

Does anyone have recommendations with these? I'm particularly interested in the Frigidaire, especially at the current sale price, but I can't seem to be find a lot of reviews online and I've heard some mixed rumblings about hybrids.

Are there any other options? I thought I read somewhere that Samsung had a slide-in induction but I can't find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated...


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  1. Hello - I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Did you eventually decide on an induction range? Which one did you end up with?

    1. Hernan, we just had the Electrolux range delivered yesterday.

      So far, I'm in love!

      Do you have any specific questions about it?

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      1. re: story1267

        I've been looking at Electrolux induction. I only have a small portable induction unit for comparison, but the ring of heat in the center of the pan is preventing me from wanting to buy a full range. Do you have such a problem with your range? I know it's not fair for me to compare a full $3k range to a $80 portable unit, but no kitchen stores near me have any induction ranges available for demos.

        1. re: Rick

          Wow, funny that you mention that. I was in the same boat looking at the same ranges. I decided to go with the Electrolux. Bought it at Sears. I had/have 2 of the Max Burton 1800 single units and really liked them. I haven't used my stove in ages. (now gone). I went with the Electrolux. (pricey). However I figured that a hybrid wasn't the answer because, well what's the point I had a electric range. So far, I LOVE it. It cooks great! I bought some new pans (Demeyere) that might have something to do with it. I used both burner and oven. Used the slow cook on the oven just today, Made some Pork Tingo I saw on a show with Rick Bayless I put it in the oven set the upper oven and went to the movies, I did take temps at Hi Slow cook (over 220) and Lo Slow Cook (220). It was in oven 4 hours. By the time I got home and it was almost perfect. Pork was fork tender not falling apart and potatoes were perfect no skin falling off. The burners heat evenly and the entire pan gets hot minus the handle. I also bough a Staub 10 in cast iron enamel pan and made some Grilled Cheese Brisket sandwiches which browned evenly. Which never happened with my other pans. The 90 sec water boiling it true to form. I will say that the a small pan on the large ring does not heat as well as the large pan on the large ring. Any specific questions please feel free to ask. Hope this helps.

          1. re: longtimecook

            Funny, I too have the max Burton 1800! My concern is that even with a 10" clad tri ply pan, I get the ring of heat in the pan. Does the electrolux range eliminate this?

            1. re: Rick

              I use a 11 inch Demeyere and AC 12 inch stock and don' see a ring in the bottom when boiling water. Is this the ring your referring to? Because I know what your talking about with the Max Burton

              1. re: longtimecook

                Yes, the ring is easily visible when boiling water on the max Burton.

                1. re: Rick

                  I haven't had a chance to check for a ring pattern but I'll be using my biggest pan tonight - 5qt. AC copper-core saute pan. Before I get cooking I'll boil some water in it....or simmer some anyway - don't want to use high heat. I'll let you know if there's a ring.

                  1. re: story1267

                    When I get home I will simmer some water and take a pic then post it

                    1. re: longtimecook

                      Soo, I forgot about the pic. Here are 4 of them. The first you can see the water just barely starting to move around. Sorry it took so long

                      1. re: longtimecook

                        Quick question: I'm also looking at purchasing this unit (we're moving) but am worried about the mediocre performance for baking and low heat cooking reported by consumer reports. what has your experience been like in these areas?

                        1. re: MartyQ

                          MartyQ - I've been dabbling the past week or two with Artisan and Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a day and I can tell you that the baking is outstanding. I use the convection for the bread and get very pretty oven spring. And this from a (hopefully former) producer of some serious bread-bricks.

                          I bake pizzas as well - also pretty - don't use the convection for that.

                          My only quibble....and this is simply because I haven't had a lot of time to get used to that the lower oven seems to run quite hot. Burnt a batch of cookies and *gasp* bread-in-a-can.

                          Not sure if you mean stove-top for low heat cooking? I don't have my Consumer's handy. The induction provides nearly infinite control at the lower heat levels.

                          1. re: MartyQ

                            After a lot of hand wringing over price my sister got the electrolux for the basement apartment in her home.She loves it.Her "second" kitchen is heavily used in hot weather.Now it is more than an escape.She says it took some getting used,but loves it for baking cookies,bread and cakes.Loves the reliability
                            of "low" after some practice.

              2. re: longtimecook

                Are you still happy with your Electrolux induction slide in range? I'm just a day or so from ordering. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Kelli

                1. re: Kelliq81

                  Yes mam, I sure am. it still works just like the first day I bought it home and installed it. All burners work the same with the correct size pans. I sometimes use a small pan on the larger burner and it works very well. If there is anything specific let me know I will do my best to answer. Sorry took so long to answer

          2. I don't know the particular model of Kenmore, but I thought there is one that is less than $2879 - perhaps though it is a range (with a back panel). I believe at Winchester, VA, the price was around $1700-1800. I believe the Kenmore uses Electrolux induction elements.

            I did see a Samsung somewhere. Weren't the reviews not on the order of the Kenmore and Electrolux - I just can't remember specifically, but I'd look that up, if you haven't already.

            In the last week, I have decided not to buy an induction range. I feel better keeping my cooktop Kenmore Elite electric cooktop and use the two induction hubs that I have sitting on each side of it. The induction range units (30" slide in) just seem too small of an area to cook on for me.

            1. GE needs to be added to you list.

              1. Samsung does have one. You are right, they are difficult to find. I've been trying for a week to find one like that but with the Flex Duo oven. Finally Samsung emailed and said Home Depot can order one for you.