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Raleigh area - authentic bagels

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Can anyone who has had a real bagel with a schmear recommend the best real (ie, not with sundried tomatoes & asiago) bagel and accompaniments in Raleigh area?

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  1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7520... is my query from a few weeks ago. I've discovered that a Southern Season has frozen bagels from NY. They may be the best (but freezing doesn't do them favors...)

    1. NYBD in Cary (shopping center with HT and Wal Mart at Tryon and Kildaire Farm) is my NY-born-and-bred husband's current go-to bagel place. Seems to be pretty popular with most of the NY transplants in the area, but as a Southerner, I can't vouch for it's "authenticity".

      1. Is Chapel Hill considered Raleigh area? If so try Bagels on the Hill on Weaver Dairy Rd.

        1. http://nybagelanddeli.com/ The real thing. Made on the premises. You'll feel like you never left Queens.

          1. There is a new bagel place at the intersection of sawmill and six forks road in north raleigh. I haven't tried it yet. http://www.bigcitybagelsandcafe.com/

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              I've been a few times. It isn't all that good. Nice owners, but probably not what the OP is hoping for. I still use NY Bagels on Falls at Strickland but the last few times I've bought bagels the insides looked more like Swiss Cheese than anything else. I believe that may be due to overproofing.

            2. They claim to be the only place making them from scratch; they also have bialys