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Dec 23, 2010 05:09 PM

Potica Bread in the twin cities?

Im looking for potica bread, i know lunds and byerlys carries some -kinda. The stuff i have found here in the twin cities is strange shaped, flat and fairly stale. Not soft, tall and sticky like stuff i can get way up north (hibbing).

Im looking for some non-prepackaged potica-walnut. Any ideas where i can get it in the twin cities?

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  1. it's a Slavic thing right? I'd be calling Kramarczuk's and asking...

    1. As I understand it, potica is Slovenian/Slovak/Croatian/Czech. Kramarczuk's is a Ukrainian/Polish butcher & deli. I've never seen potica there, but who knows - definitely call and ask.

      But I think Hibbing is your best bet, actually...


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        I didn't say Kramarczuk's had it, I said call and ask, yes... I'm not sure you're going to find it non-prepackaged in the Twin Cities, but do try and see what you can find..but I did find some online places that sell it that sounded good, like they were using very high quality ingredients and this wouldn't be like a package that sat on the shelf of Lund's for who knows how this one-

        good luck, let us know how you fare...

        1. re: faith

          I'd say it's worth a call, especially since potica is actually listed on their website. ;-) Looks good in the photo, but I don't know if it's what the OP is looking for in terms of being tall, soft and sticky enough. I can't imagine it would be stale, though. They bake it all themselves!


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Some Potica is made in a bread pan, so it stays tall and more moist. What they make at Kramarczuk is an example of one that is not, so it flattens out and becomes very dry by comparison- however it is not pre-packaged so im sure it must be better than what i have found at Lunds. But they are SOLD OUT! blast.

            Rocky Mountain also makes it very thin and in a bread pan, they way i learned to make it growing up. I should have just made it, but I ran out of time before the holiday season.

            Here is an example:

              1. re: ashii

                I would love to have this recipe. I hear there is a lady who makes it from her home in Hibbing, MN. It is supposed to be the best around. It is expensive, but tasty. Would you care to share your recipe?

        2. In past years, I've seen it at Mississippi Market. A walnut version and I think another version too (poppyseed maybe?) Not sure if they have it this year since I really haven't looked.

          If MM has it, other coops may as well.

          The potica I've seen there comes from up north, I thought. But I do think the stuff I've seen is flat. And, of course, prepackaged.

          1. If you end up finding it, tell us where. Might be interesting to sample.

            1. Another idea for you: Jerabek's bakery. It is a Czech bakery. Their website indicates I think that they will entertain requests because their bakers don't like to get bored. I'm not sure if this is the same bakery that used to be on Rice St or Marion St. years ago. Now that I think about it, I used to get a potica type thing there that was wonderful.

              I know they've moved, a younger generation has taken over and they have a coffeeshop and cafe. Here's a link:

              May be worth checking out.