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Dec 23, 2010 05:05 PM

Bistro SF Grill - 2819 California St.

At 2 o'clock this afternoon, Seni, Hashim, and Gino opened the door to Bistro SF Grill and welcomed all to tasty burgers, serving from 10 am to 11 pm. On Thanksgiving Day, paint and upholstery began to update the 1929 fixtures of the former Annie's Bistro.
For today's opening, we ordered the generous Zapata, Geisha, and Balkan burgers - all delicious - with a double side order of thick-cut fries, sodas, teas, and a small Black Walnut Sundae. The Balkan is lamb and veal, well-spiced and served with both yogurt and an onion pepper relish. The multi-grain whole wheat buns are baked in Berkeley and will be followed soon by Ciabatta. Come here and eat well.
We know Seni at our neighborhood farmers market on Sundays at Divisadero and Grove Sts. - where we have enjoyed the Grilled Burgers and the olala and merquez sausage.
These pics are an afterthought - we were too enthusiastic to dig in to the huge burgers; some of us needed reviving after last-minute holiday shopping.

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  1. Was so excited when I heard that there's a new place in the neighborhood. Once someone told me that the entire West side of that Divisadero corridor was blocked from having new restaurants, although I doubt that's true. Still, it's been forever since we've seen anything new, and my lazy (but aspirational) palate is getting very sick of the same stuff. What was on the balkan?

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      I went to try them out for the soft opening yesterday. I had the lamb merquez burger with a ciabatta bun and they threw in free french fries. The owners could not have been nicer. Their credit card machine wasn't up yet and they apologized endlessly (and unnecessarily) for only taking cash. The burger was wonderful and huge. Great addition to the neighborhood! All the burgers were between $7.50-$9.50.