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Dec 23, 2010 04:43 PM

chanterelles and recipe to show them off?

I just got a pound of chanterelles and aprox a half pound of maitakes. I want to make something with them, either separately or together that will really show off their beautiful character and taste. Suggestions my wise chowhounders? Thanks so much!

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  1. I would do one of two things: risotto or soup. With the soup, rather than make a mushroom soup, I'd make something complementary to mushrooms' flavor, like celeriac and leek soup, or maybe a winter squash or pumpkin soup, then saute the mushrooms on medium high in butter and serve the soup around the mushroom saute. With risotto, use dried mushrooms along with any trimmings from your chanterelles and maitakes (plus the usual vegetable stock suspects-onion, celery, carrots) to make a mushroom stock. Then, use olive oil and a nice white wine and plenty of butter and a good cheese like parmigiano to finish. I prefer simple for mushrooms. Oh, and you can't go wrong with eggs either--mushroom omelets, mmm!

    As an aside, corn is good with chanterelles, too. But, fresh corn is out of season, so I didn't go there. Something to keep in mind for earlier harvests next year, though?

    1. Chanterelles shine best on their own - sautéed with some bacon fat or pancetta, some onion, and lots of fresh parsley and fresh ground black pepper. They release quite a bit of juice, which is lovely with a little white wine and a sploosh of light cream or creme fraîche.

      Never had maitake, so I'm curious what others will say. The ones I see at Wegmans all the time look super-dry (considering they're supposed to be fresh), and the chanterelles here are through the roof.

      I usually OD on them in Germany, where they're in season in June.

      1. I second the risotto suggestion. One of the most memorable meals I ever ate included a risotto of chanterelle mushrooms.

        1. thanks, risotto was my first thought, perhaps a risotto first and soup next, looking forward to hearing what others say. lingua, thanks yoru method sounds great.

          1. Nothing shows off the flavours of mushrooms like having them sauteed in butter on good toast. You could do a lovely taste test. I'd use a little garlic and brandy, and some chives.

            If you're up for deep-frying, some of the best maitake I've had has been as tempura. You can really taste the mushroom and it goes beautifully with a light, crisp batter.

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