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Dec 23, 2010 04:30 PM

YYC Chilihead Alert!!!

For those of you chiliheads who can't get enough heat, the "Ghost" has come to Calgary. Properly known as the Naga Jolokia or Bhut Jolokia, it is the second hottest chili on the planet, second only to a new hybrid derived from the Ghost called the Viper Jolokia.

The Ghost has recorded scoville unite over 1,000,000 in tests, while the hottest Jalapeno tops out at 8,000.

Saw them at the Sobey's at Shaunessy and Millrise, eight or so in a package for 5 bucks. Have at er', chiliheads.

NOTE:: Though the package identifies the chili's as "Ghosts" and Bhut Jolokia, the pictures I've seen of the chili seem to differ. I have to go back tomorrow, so I;ll be taking another look at them,

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  1. Sweet!!! That's worth a trip. I usually get all my hot sauce from but could certainly use those in a few recipes.

    1. At a recent office chili-cookoff someone offered the ghost chili powder to add on your own. Man was it HOT, HOT, HOT and I only added one small shake from a small shaker. Some people over did it and we're regretting it! Scary Bill, are you talking about fresh? 8 sounds like alot.

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      1. re: TSAW

        Fresh, but fading a bit.

        These are small red peppers, and are a bit more rounded than the more pointy ones I've seen pictures of.

        They are US grown, so that could in part explain the difference in shape (as well as the seed strain used).

        And yes, eight (or so).

        Tell us if you eat one.

        There is a YouTube video of a guy who ate a Viper Jolokia, if you're thinking of eating one of these, watch the video first, it's #1 for bringing on a feeling of shadenfreude.

        1. re: Scary Bill

          I've eaten one before. Now, not to brag, but I can really eat hot foods and have a cast iron stomach. So I liked the challenge and I searched all over NYC last year and could only find dried ones. It tasted like what I imagine eating a cigarette would be like. Going down it's hot but not unbearable. Just really smoky and "ashy". I remember joking that It wasn't bad and that I wanted another one (I have video of this stupidity). But the thing you have to remember is, once in your system, it tries to burn THROUGH you. 10 minutes later I had the worst stomach cramps imaginable and was destroying my kitchen looking for dairy products. Then panicking and forcing myself to puke it up. Then I started getting terrible shakes and the worst cold sweats. THEN I started hallucinating and freaking out that I never had a will drawn up and never told people I loved them etc.... I almost called 911. I truly thought I was going to die. But then like an hour later it just stops like that and I got up and made myself a bowl of tomato soup. Not gonna lie. I kinda want to do it again....

          1. re: leashiepoo

            Someone should introduce Miley Cyrus to them, I suppose.

            Nonetheless, is there any real use for Ghosts, outside of curiosity?

            1. re: leashiepoo

              So... I'm trying to figure out how hot is hot when you say you eat really hot foods. My dad eats 2-5 raw bird's eye chilies (seeds and all) as condiments to almost every meal... would he have as strong a reaction as you did, or would he be able to handle it a bit better? I would love to grab him some of these as a surprise.

              1. re: anonymoose

                The Scoville rating on Ghosts is 10-20 times that of a bird's eye.

                What do you think?

                1. re: anonymoose

                  I can eat bird's eye chilies like popcorn... But again, it's not terrible going down. Yeah, it builds and you'll tear up and start sweating but it's what it does once in your stomach that kills. My friend also ate one and she got really ill as well (also almost called an ambulance) and, I quote, was "sh***ing rockets" afterwards. But heck, if your Dad is in good health, I say try a little. Just make sure to have milk and ice cream nearby in case ;) And. DO NOT rub your eyes like I did. Stupid...
                  I heard a little is nice to flavor a big pot of chili con carne but check this link too.

                  1. re: leashiepoo

                    Thanks leashiepoo, I might have to ask him if he's willing to take the risk rather than springing it on him in that case. :)