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Dec 23, 2010 04:13 PM

Tulsa/Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Hi, I am traveling to the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area for business the first week of January. I was looking for any suggestions on good restaurants to try for dinner (breakfast and lunch suggestions too if you got em). We will be there the whole week and wanted to get some decent food. I am open to try anything good. I am a bit of a foodie so I am not into chain restaurants, etc. Thanks so much.

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  1. Best Mexican is Rio Verde - fairly close to downtown on North Trenton just a block or two North of 244 - cheap and very good
    There's an awesomely good Peruvian called Mi Tierra at 81st and Sheridan - also pretty cheap
    Brothers Houligan has very very good home cooking - things like chicken fried steak
    White River Fish Market is a no frills fish place - they also smoke their own fish and brisket on site - it is on North Sheridan
    Stone Horse Cafe in Utica Square is good New American
    French Hen at 71st and Yale is competent French
    Ron's is a Tulsa burger place with several locations - I usually get the burger with cure 51 ham and the spanish fries
    Atlas Grill in the Atlas Life Building at 401 South Boston - is a good sandwich and lunch place right dowtown
    There is a Wolfgang Puck's on Peoria - haven't been there but I've heard it is good
    That should get you started with some of the better quality and value places

    French Hen
    7143 South Yale, Tulsa, OK 74136

    1. Mexican-try El Guapo, which is downtown or El Tequila (a local chain but still good), we go to the new one at Harvard and I-44
      American-Charlestons on Brookside (try the ribs and chicken with glazed carrots)
      Chinese-Chopsticks 61st and Yale for upscale Chinese
      French-the Brasserie on Brookside

      El Guapo
      7659 SE Highway 33, Osborn, MO 64474

      El Tequila
      12500 E 86th St N Ste 101, Owasso, OK 74055

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        I haven't been to El Guapo but I had some beer with Elliot Nelson the owner a couple of weeks ago and he said that his intention had been to provide authentic Oaxacan food but that it didn't sell well - so he quit doing it - don't know what that means but I'd go to Rio Verde if I were you.

        Charlestons is cheap and cheerful - a bit like the chain Houstons. I have trouble believing we have anything that would qualify as upscale Chinese in Tulsa. We do have the chains Pei Wei and PF Chang's which are both OK - but for cheap tasty take-out I'm sold on Szechwan Express. I haven't been to the Brasserie but here's another Continental choce - the Palace Cafe at the corner of cherry (15th) and Peoria. I never covered barbecue - there are several pretty joints in Tulsa - there's Elmer's and Big Daddy's and a whole bunch more.

      2. A couple of suggestions, Broken Arrow is more of a chain restaurant place. Wanda J's on Elm has some pretty good soul food.

        Some of the best Thai food is at My Thai Kitchen, Harvard and 30th in a little strip center. Ella's Good Food is almost right next door, I recommend the swordfish if they have it on the menu that night. I had it grilled with a dill sauce over risotto and it was delicious.

        Mi Terra is a pleasant surprise. There are several taco trucks around town and everyone has their favorites, mine is the one at Lewis and 2nd. Great mexican hot dogs. Another place to consider for Mexican is La Hacienda on S Peoria in a center next to a QT. I can make a meal out of one order of the carnitas appetizer.

        Another Asian place is KEO also on S Peoria, the chef is Cambodian and the menu is a blend of several Asian cuisines, I like to start with the Ahi Poke and on Sunday, the Crispy Shrimp balls to start brunch are crispy juicy.

        Stonehorse for an upscale dinner is a great place to go. Chef Tim has what I consider to be some of the best crabcakes in the whole state of Oklahoma, North Texas, and NW Arkansas.

        If you go to the Brasserie on S Peoria be sure to give the Fois Gras appetizer a try.

        The best breakfast in town is at the Wild Fork, upscale but not all that expensive, and very good.
        Tally's on 11th is quintessential Route 66 diner.
        The Blue Dome diner in downtown is very good.

        For BBQ, Albert G's on S Harvard is darn good although my favorite is Buffalo in Sperry and I don't know if Donnie is going to be open that week.

        For seafood, Bodean's on51st is about the freshest in town for upscale dining. White River is a favorite of Jan and Micheal Stern of Road Food and of mine for just good seafood.

        When it is chilly out, the best place to go is Ike's Chili on E Admiral. The place has a history and it is another Road Food Favorite as well as mine. Something about a bowl of Red done Okie style to warm the heart.

        Have fun, enjoy our town.

        Stonehorse Cafe
        1748 Utica Sq, Tulsa, OK 74114

        Route 66 Cafe
        2204 W College St, Springfield, MO 65806

        The Wild Fork
        1013 N Kenneth St, Nixa, MO 65714

          1. I am from Kansas City, but I love NE Oklahoma/SE Kansas, it is a very good place to be. My wife and I were recently there and we bought some Fried Chicken from a fast food type place that I later realised is a regional chain. I am sorry that I cannot remember the name of the place, but if there was a Kansas City location, I would be there at least once a week,. Really, really, good fast food..

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            1. re: powillie

              Was it Charlie's Chicken? They are a regional fast food-like chain.

              1. re: stephanieh

                That is it, thanks. The closest place that I saw it to KC was Fort Scott, KS. Too far to drive, too bad; but I will remember them the next time that we are in that area. Thanks again.

                1. re: powillie

                  powillie, glad to hear you like SEK! I don't know of any Charlie's Chicken in Fort Scott. Perhaps you're thinking of Chester's Chicken, sold at a local grocery store (the IGA)?

                  Back to Tulsa... As tiomano said, try La Hacienda on the west side of Peoria, just south of 41st. The carnitas are to die for and the margaritas aren't bad either. In the Utica Square area (21st & Utica), Queenie's is a great choice for breakfast, brunch, lunch or tea time.

                2. re: stephanieh

                  Several vampires eat at one of the Tulsa branches of Charlie's Chicken in one of the House of Night novels. (See P.C. Cast, “Untamed”, page 174)

                  1. re: Brian S

                    If I was a vampire I wouldn't be caught undead at a Charlie's Chicken

                    1. re: Brian S

                      Thats right Brain. I loved those books. We're coming through the area in a few weeks I look forward to finding one I hope on I-40 or headin into Missouri.

                      1. re: gypsy420

                        Here's their list of locations:

                        It doesn't show the Joplin location, but I do think there's one there, on 32rd St.