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Dec 23, 2010 03:17 PM

Silver tip roast

Is a silver tip roast a good cut for a slow
cooker? Any good recipes to share? Also, can you advise
if I decide to cook it in the oven, what would be the cooking time for a 2 lb roast? Thanks.

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  1. never cooked it in a slow cooker, only the oven.

    my basic recipe-
    - cut slits in the top of roast and squeeze in slivers of garlic.
    - press 1 foil package of onion soup mix onto top of roast. Once the roast is covered, if you have extra onion soup mix, sprinkle around the roast.
    - add 3 peeled, whole cloves of garlic around roast. Slice 2-3 large onions into half moons and arrange around roast
    - pour 1 1/2-2 glasses of water (I measure with my regular drinking glasses) on and around roast.
    - cook at 400 degrees - covered- for about 2 2 /12 hours. If knife does not go into thick part of roast easily, cook another 20 minutes.

    to slice:
    - let roast cool otherwise it will shred.
    - best way to slice is with an electric knife before shabbat
    - otherwise, slice into thin slices with serrated knife
    I usually slice from the thickest part of the roast going towards the flatter part of the roast- it's much easier that way.

    Arrange slices of roast in a pyrex. Pour gravy and onions on top. Reheat covered with foil

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      Thanks! What size roast is your cooking time based on? Do you use a meat thermometer?

      1. re: EmpireState

        I usually buy a 2-3 lb roast and it takes 2 1/2 hrs to cook. My oven is slow though.. so maybe check yours at the 2 hour point. I don't use a meat thermometer.

        1. re: cheesecake17

          So the roast is in the oven now. I plan to serve it tomorrow
          night; should I put in the fridge tonight after it's done and slice it tomorrow before
          reheating? Or should I slice it tonight after it
          cools done? Thanks again!!

          1. re: EmpireState

            I know this is a little late.. but as long as it's cool you can slice it without the roast shredding.

            How did it come out?

        2. re: EmpireState

          I cook my Silver tips on the Showtime rotisserie. 18 minutes a pound

        3. re: cheesecake17

          Believe it or not I actually just created a chowhound account to thank you for this recipe. I used it to wow my mother in law at shabbat dinner the other week (boy was she wowed!! :-) ) and it was so delicious I am using it again for rosh hashana. this has become a staple, thank you thank you!!

        4. Is it good to sear it first before putting it in the oven?