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Dec 23, 2010 02:51 PM

New BBQ find is the best - watchout, Lansdale

My husband spotted Fletcher's BBQ in Roslyn, PA the other day and we were compelled to give it a try. It's on Easton Road near the Willow Grove Mall, and is family owned and operated. We tried it out tonight, getting a couple of takeout platters to share. I can only say that it was truly amazing, the best ribs I've had. Period. The ribs were truly falling off the bone. I like Rosey's, and tried Uncle Greg's a few months ago. No comparison on this part of the meal. Mac n' Cheese was also very good, as was the cole slaw and the beans. We also tried a meat sampler platter, with brisket, pulled chicken and pulled pork. All of the meat was outstanding. Will be interested in hearing the BBQ aficionados' opinions! Here's the link:

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  1. Looking forward to trying it. Although you do need to sample Smoke Daddy's ribs before writing off Lansdale!

    Off subject, but if you go to BBQ competitions, "falling off the bone" is an automatic fail (over cooked). Personally, I prefer it that way too, but apparently not the KCBS judges. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    I'm in the real South right now, and there is this place here called Smokin D's that has the most amazing Alabama-style white chicken BBQ. Yummmm!

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    1. re: Tir_na_nOg

      Thanks for your comments! We will definitely try Smoke Daddys'. There was nothing overcooked about these ribs, though. I'll be very interested in your review of Fletcher's, too. Have fun in down South!

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        Tir typed what I was thnking about Lansdale bbq. Had some brisket and a cheesesteak too from Smoke Daddy's last friday, and even a complimentary cup of hot chocolate kept warm on the grill. Daddy is taking off for Christmas but will be back on New Year's Day offering some sort of yummy pork dish to start the year off with good luck. I think you have to preorder just like the deal with the smoked turkeys with sausage filling he was serving up for Thanksgiving.
        That bbq sounds awesome Tir but I got me a hankering for some of the bbq I used to eat in Raleigh NC. A bbq pork sandwich with slaw would go down good about now.

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          Had to add another bbque place we just discovered. We were driving up 611 in Pipersville and could actually smell the bbque in our car. We decided that if the smoker was still open, we would stop on our return trip. Fortunately for us, Oink Johnson, was still there, smoking his ribs. He's set up right on the road side across the street from his farm. He raises the pigs and then smokes them in a roadside smoker. He took our slab right out of the smoker. It was absolutely delicious. His cornbread was moist and flavorful, and I liked the flavor of his beans, but thought they were left in the pot a little too long, as they were a little thick. He's closed for the season now, but will reopen for SuperBowl. I wanted to write him up now, so I didn't forget.
          Definitely worth a drive out past Doylestown. I live in Ambler and it only took as 20 minutes to get home.

      2. re: Tir_na_nOg

        I'm not a fan of falling off the bone, I actually like a little bit of a bite to get the meat off the bone... I know around here more people do prefer their ribs more tender than I do

        1. re: cgarner

          I like them like that too cgarner. Awaiting Smoke Daddy's email so I can decide whether to just order New Year's Day dinner from him or venture out to Costco for a lovely bone-in pork roast. If they have any left...

          1. re: givemecarbs

            (Side tracking, it's what I do)
            I'm thinking of doing the same... we have a houseful on NY Day and we HAVE to have pork... I'd like to mix up the pork & sauerkraut and do my Roast Pork Italian (ala Tony Luke... my Rabe' is better!) along with BBQ... hmmmm the BBQ choices.... makes me giddy just thinking about it

            Tony Luke's
            625 Highway 33, Trenton, NJ 08619

          2. re: cgarner

            Yup. fall off bone is Mushy and overcooked. It kills me to have to do it but I sometimes smoke multiple racks just to keep the fall off the bone crowd happy

            1. re: cryan1980

              Wow cryan, I hope they appreciate the sacrifice you are making! /shudder. Well I still think Lansdale is tops even though I haven't driven to Roslyn yet. Smoke Daddy was out there today dishing up pork and sauerkraut for New Year's Day feasting. The dinners were sublime, even the smashed potatoes were piping hot and delicious. Ten dollars for a meal I could only eat one third of and my friend and I were the only visible customers. I'm glad I live near Lansdale!

        2. I would love to hear all of your opinions if you do try this place. I am going to try Smoke Daddy's and Oink Johnson after reading these posts.

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          1. re: foodie527

            My Family was talking highly of fletcher's last night at our New Years get together. If I can make it to Roslyn and Back to flourtown over my lunch break sometime I may try it out this week.

            Givemecarbs; Its great living up this way and being close enough to drive to lansdale or pipersville to get some good BBQ if the desire hits you!-- Pulled pork with a big smack of slaw and nice thin/tangy finishing sauce instead of ribs for me 99% of the time.

            1. re: cryan1980

              Agreed. I remember when I used to think bbq beef was a sloppy joe. Then I moved to Gainesville FL, Miami area, and Raleigh. This ignorant yank got me some education in the ways of bbq. Then I moved back up here and it was a wasteland!!!! Genuine bbq is good for the soul.

          2. Wow. What is this world coming to? First, Willow Grove gets a great Vietnamese place, then a Thai resaurant opens in Roslyn, and now a great BBQ spot right next to Beer World? I saw the review of this place in our local paper, but am happy to see a gen-you-"swine" review. I will need to check this place out. BTW, Beer World is the place to go as well.

            1. We went to Fletcher's last night. Since this thread is sortof clogged by posts extraneous to the place, I am going to start a new one with its name in the title.

              1. I withdraw my comments about Fletcher's being the best. I apologize for not trying Smoke Daddy's first. I am a Smoke Daddy's convert. Uncle Greg's is good but Smoke Daddy tops him.

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                1. re: foodie527

                  Really, I must have been to Smoke Daddy's on two "bad days". I seem to be one of the only people who is not in love with his stuff! After living(NC) and traveling the South for 5 years I have come to love all different styles , some more than others of course. My tastes of Uncle Greg's have been much more to my liking than SD, except I do like fall off the bone ribs which UG did not have. I look forward to trying both Fletcher's and Rosy's in my continuing quest for great BBQ in PA.