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Dec 23, 2010 12:19 PM

cruise on Shabbat - Kosher food

I know that some of you have been on regular cruises (not dedicated Kosher cruises) where prepackaged food was served.

What did you do on Shabbat in terms of warming the food or is it cold food for the entire 25 hours?

Do they have gefilte fish on the selection or is better to bring my own?

Also how do you get around the problem of card keys for the doors?

I am planning on an NCL cruise


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  1. See these links...In short what we did twice with carnival is have a restaurant ship our double wrapped food to the boat because we find the frozen Weberman's meals entirely unedible. Others I guess have eaten them without a problem.

    As for the card keys we spoke to our head room steward and to the guest services desk, they knew to open the doors for us and that we weren't able to use our key cards.

    We brought the allotted 1 bottle of wine per person, and kept it in our mini-fridge with all of the drinks in there removed. Check NCL's alcohol policy, not all lines let you bring your own wine.

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      We will go with Webermans

      You did not answer the question regarding Shabbat warm up and that is what I am really interested in
      I am not a wine drinker so I will be bringing grape juice which has no problem

      1. re: sja

        Shabbat warm up is your individual choice depending on how you practice. They are warming up the food for you.