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Dec 23, 2010 10:49 AM

Brunch on Christmas Day in Denver?

Hey Denver Chowhounders!
My boo and I are looking for a fabulous brunch on Christmas day near downtown or Congress park. Anybody have any idea of places that are open?

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  1. Edge Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel would be a great choice.

    Edge Restaurant and Steakhouse @ 1111 14th Street, Denver, CO 303 - 389 - 3000.

    1. Wish I'd seen this before the holiday... my family ended up doing a fabulous dim sum brunch on Christmas day at Newport (in Broomfield), and I think we're going to make Christmas dim sum a tradition from now on. There are a bunch of dim sum places on Federal relatively near downtown (I've only been to Empress, but I hear there are others as good or better). After weeks of holiday food - turkey, ham, stuffing, pies, etc. - it was great to have something completely different on Christmas morning.

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        The two long-running dim sum restaurants at Alameda near Federal are King's Land and Super Star. They are/were located in a tired old shopping center tha was slated for demolition and replacement by a Home Depot. I don't know whether that has happened. I liked them both pretty much equally. There's a third called China Jade that I've never been to. Since we live in Boulder, we now go to New Port any time we crave dim sum -- or, I should say, any time I crave dim sum and we can get a group together.

        China Jade
        12203 E Iliff Ave Ste D, Aurora, CO 80014