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Dec 23, 2010 10:24 AM

Any recommendations in Loreto?

I am planning a trip to Loreto in April. I would very much appreciate any recommendations.

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  1. Will be there also in April - hope we get some feedback

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      So you've been there...any recommendations?

    2. My family and I just spent a week in Loreto. We really enjoyed a clam cocktail and an octopus tostada at Pangalapa (on Ave. Hidalgo). We also had some good tacos (fish and carne asada) and fresh lemonade at El Rey del Taco (on Ave. B. Juarez), and some good pork tamales from the Tortilleria Dulce, just west of the four-way stop sign at Benito Juarez and Independencia.

      We also ate in two tourist-oriented restaurants (La Cascada, on Ave. Salvatierra just west of the Mission, and 1697, on the zocalo) and I did not enjoy either very much. The food at La Cascada was too salty; the food at 1697 was boring and expensive. If someone in your party is looking for that safe style of restaurant, the town probably has something better.

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        A very strong second for Panagalapa. Had fish tacos there yesterday and they were excellent. They bring the tacos unadorned and give you a platter with cabbage and salsa crudo and pickled vegetables and limes and an avocado sauce in a bowl, plus a squeeze bottle of crema. Just so damn good. I had a Bohemia that was their dark beer (cerveza obscura) and it was also a very good beer. Never had that one before. We'll be eating at the place out near the airport tomorrow (where the guy has the dirt dragster - I'm blanking on the name at this moment in time). It's their last day before they close for the season on Sunday, and hopefully they'll be doing their usual ribeye steak thing. We'll see if they change the menu because it's their last day, or not.

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          I love Bohemia Oscura cerveza! Germans came to Mexico and started Bohemia, adhering to the very strict standards for brewing.

          Glad you are having a good time!

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            We had seafood wraps tonight out at El Piqazon (about 3 miles N of town on the dirt road that parallels the beach). Alex and his wife built it 5 or 6 years ago and it's a pretty amazing structure with two huge palapas and a new kitchen. I had the mixed Marlin and Shrimp wrap and it was unbelieveably good. The cost is about $9. Some homemade limonada that Alex's wife made and then a cerveza. My friends had one shrimp wrap and one scallop wrap. Alex brings chips with a bowl sectioned into about 5 compartments that includes smoked jalapenos and garlic aoli and some wonderful hot sauce with smoked onions in it. He and his wife have to be the most gracious hosts I've ever had the pleasure to be around. The restaurant is right on the point with the end of Isla Carmen directly in front of the open air dining room. If I've died then I've definitely landed in Heaven.

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              Closed down the place out by the airport for the season (name that escaped me earlier in my adding to this thread is now under arrest and is not escaping again - Del Borracho). They'll be open again sometime in October (about the same time the hurricane season comes to a close and the cruisers come back to Loreto in large numbers).

              Excellent burgers and fries and pitchers of beer (we were consuming large quantities of draft Negro Modelo). Inexpensive and good food with a reallly unique setting. For instance, if you go into the men's room out back there is toliet seat mounted on the wall with the lid down over the men's urinal with a sign that reads "Asshole of the Month" and when you lift the lid Mike (the owner) has a mirror behind the that makes you laugh the first time you do it.

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                Dinner last night at Papagayo El Contando. Excellent food and a beautiful, serene garden setting with fountains bubbling away and all of the plants creating a very "Edenic" setting.

                They serve you each a mesquite grilled tortilla to start with a garlic and salt flavor that all by itself is wonderful. But they also give you two bowls, one with a black bean paste and the other with a raspberry and chipotle jam to spread on top. All I can say is "I could eat these by the basketful" so probably a good thing they didn't provide that many.

                I chose the sea bass with the red chili and it was perfectly cooked with plenty of heat without being too spicy. It comes with a type of risotto cake that I've never seen before where they take the risotto and add it to corn meal and make what look like deepfried zuchinni spears. I also opted for a smaller portion of the spaghetti "Papagayo" as an accompaniment and it was topped with chopped green chilis.

                My friends had the barbecued baby back ribs, which were fine but really nothing extradordinary, and the other dish was the filet which is cooked to desired doneness and then chopped up and added to a poblano chili along with cheese and spices and some secret sauce. Man, was that good. I'd have that the next time in a heart beat.

                Two keylime tartlets, 3 margaritas and we were on our way.

                Not cheap like most food in Loreto, (dinner ran about $90 US all in) but more than worth a "nice" night out. Nice folks and good food. This is just east of the main plaza on a little street on the N side.

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                  Sorry for somehow confusing "cranberry" with "raspberry" when talking about the jam that they give you at Papagayo with the mesquite grilled tortilla...(just want to set the record straight).