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Dec 23, 2010 09:56 AM

1st timers to Fredericksburg VA!

Hello everyone! My family is coming to the Fredericksburg/Lake Anna area for the holidays!!! Any restaurants and bars you can recommend is greatly appreciated!!!

The 28th is my dad's bday too. So any cool pubs you can think of I can take him and the Fam to celebrate would be great!

We love exploring so we are open to anything! No small kids so pubs/bars are also something we'd love to hear about.

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!!!!

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  1. FYI - while Fredericksburg may be the closest city of any size to Lake Anna, its about 45 miles away. Here are a couple of previous posts for F'burg that may be of interest:

    1. Hey Sarah,
      If you mapquest Lake Anna State Park to Fredericksburg, VA it comes in at a 28 mile distance.