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Dec 23, 2010 09:33 AM

Does anyone have the New Potato, Leek, Asparagus Soup recipe from Gourmet Magazine, 1990s?!

This soup is one of the most fantastic I have ever tasted, and was "the dish" that my father sware he had to marry my step-mother. They are no longer together, and the recipe went with her. My whole family want it badly! Does anyone remember this? Epicurious shows Asparagus Leek Soup- but no new potatoes. I'm sure someone must remember it....can anyone help?
Thank you!!!

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  1. Don't have it, but I'll be watching for informed replies. Sounds like a soup that would be right in my wheelhouse.

    1. You may have better luck posting this request in Home Cooking.

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        My "Gourmet Cook Book Vol I" has a recipe for Asparagus and potato soup....but doesn't mention anything about leeks.

      2. try this link or search for only "potato and leek soup" on epicurious - the 1998 recipe uses Red Bliss (new) potatoes and combine with the asparagus recipe?. ...and guessing this thread will get moved to Home Cooking within seconds of posting.

        1. I think the recipe you're looking for is the Asparagus, Leek, and Potato Soup from Log Cabin Cafe. It was printed in Bon Appetit in 1991 but (as with many of the RSVP recipes) it is not on epicurious.
          You can find it online here: