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Dec 23, 2010 07:12 AM

Made in France -BOGO on now

Everything in the shop is buy one get one, including jars of black truffles, spices, etc. Everything in shop. Takes it from being on high end of price scale to very reasonable.

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  1. 2614 Yonge Street, toronto. Just North of Eg.
    huh. good price...

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    1. re: jlunar

      12.5g Pebeyre black truffles, $40 per jar, get one free. 24 Euros if you were to buy them in Cahors from Pebeyre. Works out to 62% of French price not counting taxes, import charges.

      1. re: Snarf

        Do we know how long this offer lasts?

        1. re: magic

          i just called ... the sale is on until this friday.

          1. re: lilaki

            Thanks for calling! Great to know, thanks so much : )

            1. re: magic

              i went this afternoon ... i think a lot of the stuff is gone but i managed to get a few packs of herbes de provence, some syrups and some olives. didn't see many olive oils or truffles.

              1. re: lilaki

                I better get there soon then! Thanks for the info....

                1. re: magic

                  Just went back for some spices. The tubes are down to 4$ per (and 2 for 1), and there are still linens.

      2. re: jlunar

        Are tablecloths & placemats included?

        1. re: Ruth

          They were. Haven't been since before Christmas, but doesn't sound like rocket science to think that they would be continuing during boxing week.

          1. re: Ruth

            I got a lovely teflon tablecloth 1/2 price or 2 for 1. The same ones that Belle De Provence at Bayview Village had but I would not pony up over 100-150 dollars plus tax for a table cloth knowing in Italy my friend bought the same ones for 10-15 euros and looked identical.
            Lovely shop owner helped me choose, it was hard to select from the lovely French patterns
            A steal at 1/2 of the 96 dollar price tag....