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Dec 23, 2010 06:42 AM

Dinner on 29th in London: restaurant needed

I am taking some friends out to dinner on 29 December to say thank you for something. So far I have tried Hawksmoor, Tinello and Trinity and they are all closed between Christmas and New Year.

Any suggestions for places that are open then greatly appreciated.

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  1. Deux Salons is open and seems to have tables. You can check their menu to see if looks appetizing. It seems very popular - at least on weekends!

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    1. re: zuriga1

      Ah, that is the one place I have been told not to book, as friends in question have been three times already! Petite Maison also closed, proving tricky this..

      1. re: daisyK

        Three times... well, that's good news for me who is going next month. We were due there, but it was the night of the big snow last weekend. Good luck with your quest!