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Dec 23, 2010 04:18 AM

Christmas time with a broken oven

So far, the best idea we've come up with is grilling much of the larger meats. We've got a large group staying here (10) let alone who shows up on Christmas. There's also a Christmas staple of an egg casserole. Any methods to emulating an oven on the grill?

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  1. The technique is called indirect grilling and it can work for almost any type of meat. Depending upon what type of grill, fuel, meat, etc., I'm sure you can find just about any information you need with a couple, quick web searches. I have done turkeys, chickens, beef roasts, pork roasts, whole fish, lamb in this way. Here's an example of some of the general knowledge available to you:


    Don't sweat it. You'll do fine.

    Edit - I'm not trying to make light of your situation, but your inquiry reminded me of that horrendous Katie Holmes movies where her oven quit working on Thanksgiving.

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      Speaking of the Katie Holmes movie, this actually happened to my Aunt on T-Giving about 15 years ago. Oven broke, turkey came out black as coal. Thank God for the antipasto, manicotti and the side dishes!!!!


    2. Another good option is to borrow or buy (less than $50) a roaster. We use ours all of the time for the turkey or ham while my wife uses the oven to bake.

      You can also check on any "barbeque" website to get instructions for cooking on the grill. I don't have any good ideas for the casserole, but if you have a good oven thermometer you can play with the grill until you get the right temperature. Much easier with a gas grill than charcoal, but those more skilled than I can do it with charcoal as well.

      Now that I think of it, you could probably use the roaster to cook the casseroles, ours has a regular thermostat on it.

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        Roasters are great to have. I use ours all the time now, even for pies and cookies as our oven is not working also :-( The OP might be able to pick one up at the local thrift store for cheap, I'd call ahead and see if they have any. Although the meats should be delicious grilled, I'd use the roaster or a crockpot if you have one for the egg dish. Good luck.

      2. We've cooked many a fish and fowl using the Weber like an oven simply by setting the meat on a V-rack in a roasting pan, as we would do in the indoor oven. Indirect heat, cover on. Baste or not but consider that every time you raise the cover heat is lost. Our grill has a thermometer so we can see the temperature inside the grill. The meat cooks faster if there's a brisk wind,

        As for the casserole center it on the grill rack, use indirect heat, lower cover and pay attention to your timing.

        1. A roaster and a couple portable burners will get you an oven for under $100. Just a suggestion if you have some spare cash around.
          Best of luck with your holiday cooking!

          1. If you don't want your egg casserole to have a smoky flavor, you could try to steam it. Put some water in a pan bigger than your casserole, bring to a simmer and put the casserole in the pan on an inverted plate (or wads of foil or whatever method you choose to lift the casserole above the water. Cover tightly and steam until the eggs have set. You won't get the lovely browning you would if you'd baked it in the over, but you won't get smoked egg casserole either.