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Dec 22, 2010 11:27 PM

Adding instant pudding mix and milk to boxed cake mixes

Is it true this will make the cake more moist? I plan on buying a Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix, and add instant chocolate pudding, replacing the water with whole milk, and also adding meringue powder(which I

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  1. always use anyway)

    Will this produce a moist cake? Also, since I'm adding the extra stuff, do I need to adjust the amount for the rest of the ingredients that are called for on the box?

    Also, I am considering replacing the vegetable oil with melted butter. Good idea or bad idea? I appreciate any and all input/help! :)

    (sorry for the double post. I accidentally hit Tab and then Enter so it made the first post before I was finished and I don't see an "Edit" button)

    1. I think pudding definitely makes a difference in making the cake moist. When I make a boxed cake - I do the same thing - but I use regular pudding mix - about half a packet. I use milk instead of water too - I think the cake comes out richer tasting this way.

      I've never used melted butter as a vegetable oil substitute, but I have used olive oil and it's come out really well. My favorite oil subtitute is applesauce though! It helps the cake retain the same moisture that oil does, but you're taking away about 1/3 to 1/2 of the fat out of the recipe! When the recipe calls for an amount of oil, just replace it with applesauce in the same measurement! (I use the Natural kind without added sugar) The result is a lower-fat treat (unfortunately not low-calorie - but you can't have everything!)!

      Another secret I have for making boxed chocolate cake taste more homemade -- add some malted milk powder too - so good! Happy baking!! :o)