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Dec 22, 2010 09:28 PM

Rose Quarter Dinners

Hey, Folks, headed up to the Rose Quarter for a a show.
Looking for dinner somewhere close-ish to grab a bite.

I'd prefer something reasonably close as we don't have a great deal of time between arriving in PDX and the show.
Coming from the south, so places on the way into PDX are welcome as well.


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  1. You might try posting to the Metro Portland board instead--you'll get more response there.

    A couple I'd recommend, though, are Spirit of '77 directly across from the Rose Garden, which is a sports bar with good food (but it can be kind of a meat market). I also like Biwa (Japanese ramen and skewers), which isn't quite walking distance but is pretty close (Le Pigeon is also right there, but you would surely have to wait for a seat there so I don't think it would be good before a show). A little farther away to south are Olympic Provisions, Beaker & Flask, and Nostrana.

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      Yes, I keep forgetting they created a new board.

      thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into them.