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Dec 22, 2010 08:14 PM

Lactose free, nut free, eggnog

Hoping someone here might be able to help. We have a recipe we want to make for Christmas morning breakfast that calls for eggnog. One among us is lactose intolerant - but I knew that Silk makes a soy eggnog - so planned to buy that. Well, got to the store yesterday and the Silk may contain almonds - the person who is lactose intolerant is also allergic to tree nuts (as is one other person in the group). I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other brand of lactose free eggnog? Or - is there an eggnog flavoring I could add to a brand of soy milk that is safe for the nut allergic?
Thanks for the help - I'm hunting for a different recipe in case the answer is what I think it will be - no such luck!
Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. You could try Rice Nog, though James Norton panned it in his review, and I'm not sure whether it might contain traces of tree nuts. If all else fails, adding vanilla, nutmeg, and sweetener (and perhaps a little rum or brandy) to the milk-like product of your choice should yield an eggnog-like flavor. If your tree-nut-allergic friends can do coconut (it seems like most nut-allergic people can, though I don't know the specifics), then coconut milk would make an excellent base. Good luck!