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Dec 22, 2010 07:26 PM

Where to buy whole glace fruit in Toronto?

I watched Jamie Oliver's Christmas special tonight on the Food Network, and he made the most wonderful dessert bombe with chunks of glace fruit as one of the ingredients. He had a whole glace clementine, and a piece of glace honeydew melon. I've seen the candied fruit at Bulk Barn and John Vince, and that sure isn't the stuff Jamie had. The fruit he had just glowed like beautiful jewels. I'm wondering where or if I can find the same quality of glace fruit in TO. Anyone out there know where to get this product?

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  1. I also saw the show today and am wondering the same thing !!! Fantastic recipe but not much good with the glace fruit

    1. Lady York has some in jars but I've never tried them so I don't know how good they are.

      Edit: Not sure that there is anything other than cherries and possibly plums though...

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        I need to get the sour cherries for the same recipe, so I will check out Lady York. Thanks.

      2. There is a tasty Portuguese Christmas cake (ring-shaped, rich bread-type cake) which has whole
        glaceed fruits on it. So maybe one of the bakeries that make it can help? The place where I bought it here in the east end has closed. At least I think it's a Portuguese cake! Could be of another origin.

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          Thanks, this does sound like my best bet. I think I've seen these cakes, and I know where there is a good Portuguese bakery on Davenport Rd. I'll ask there, and you never know they might sell me some!

        2. Johnvince has whole green and red cherries and whole pineapple rings. Other than that the citron and melon is diced...

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            Jamie diced up the whole fruit, so if I cannot find any of the whole ones, I'll use the ones at John Vince. Thanks for your response.,

          2. Most of what's on offer hereabouts is really intended for baking(think Xmas cake), not so much for decoration where the emphasis is on realism--not dyed cherries, pineapple rings or hacked up peel. DIY isn't impossible but it takes some time. Recipes online. We make candied lemon, grapefruit and orange peel every Xmas--way better than the commercial stuff. Hi-end French glace fruit might show up in the GTA's schmaltzier food emporia but usually at a stroke-inducing price.