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Turducken availability?

So, anywhere in the Boston area that I can find Turducken? I actually recall a few years ago that Roche Brothers carried it, and guess I should have tried it then. I was thinking of having it for New Years, and when I went to order a small (4 pound) boneless version from Cajun Grocer, I was just too cheap to spend $25 for shipping. Any ideas?

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  1. Roche Bros West Roxbury had it 2 days ago at $3.99 a pound.

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      Wow, big difference in price. I checked Roche Bros in Quincy, and while they have them they are $6.99 a pound for a six pound average. There's just 2 of us so I may rethink it, lobster fraDiavolo is starting to sound good instead.

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        That price was a 50% off price - not sure how long it was in effect but was in last week's flyer.

    2. Friend got one at Butcher Boy in N Andover. Not sure of the price, but it is from down south and stuffed with Cajun Rice

      1. Johnnies Foodmaster occasionally carries frozen ones

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        1. Probably too late to be useful, but I saw them at Shaw's (Rte 28 in Somerville) the other day. It was in the meat case alongside the Wild Harvest stuff.

          1. They have boneless ones at Fresh Market in the Hingham Shipyard.

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              If you are still looking and Danvers is not too much of a trek for you, Mckinnon's market was selling Tony Chachere's Turducken frozen for around $50 or $60 the other day, about half what you would expect to pay online.
              McKinnon's Market
              . 73 Holten St., Danvers, MA (978) 774-0479

            2. Ended up getting one today at the Roche Bros in Quincy. They carry a bonless version, 6 pounds on average and they had dropped the price to $5.,99 a pound,

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                Let us know how it was - my hubby's been DYING to try it! Hope you (& the rest of the 'hounds)had a great New Years! We just finished a sausage stuffed pork roast the hubby made (after eating an entire wheel of baked brie ...... but it was a small one) & it was OUTRAGEOUS! He had a couple of glasses of Trapiche to wash it down with (& a couple of martinis with the brie) so he should be asleep in about ..... 10 minutes! ; )

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                  We were really happy with it, nice and moist, just a really thin layer of cornbread stuffing, and plenty of drippings to make a nice gravy. I served it with roasted kabocha squash that had been tossed in olive oil, ginger and nutmeg, along with parsnip mashed potatos and peas. Washed the whole thing down with a lovely red wine and a few sips (wink, wink) of amaretto. Happy, happy New Year, I hope everyone has as lovely an evening as we have!

              2. Pulling this thread up to ask whether anyone has tried the Savenor's turducken? How was it? - it's large and pricey ($10 per lb for 15-18s, smaller not available), but the price seems comparable to shipping one from Louisiana (cajungrocer or heberts seem to be leaders - no longer available from Tony Chacere site) - trying to make a choice for Thanksgiving.

                If you've had a turducken you loved (that you did not make yourself , as that's not happening for us this year):

                A. Where did you get it? Was it available fresh (not frozen)?
                B. How was it stuffed? (seeking 3 distinct layers - oyster, cornbread, and andouille)
                C. What size was it? How much was it per lb?


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                  Please forward information as well!

                  We are going to have a turducken party in a few weeks, and want to know the best place to get it in the Boston area, based on others' experience.

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                    Will do - later this week - we bit the bullet and signed up for a Savenor's 15-18 lb version of all local birds stuffed with brioche herb stuffing to which they nicely agreed to add some andouille sausage at our request. The guy on the phone was super friendly and they clearly take pride in this labor-intensive product, so our hopes are quite high!

                    1. re: rlh

                      As always, the shopping experience and purchase at Savenor's was top notch (even on the morning before Thanksgiving!) and the cooking instructions were thorough and precise (requiring a good thermometer or built-in oven probe).

                      The birds were pristine and very moist and flavorful, however there was some disappointment as well:

                      1. We didn't realize it would be a totally boneless 19 lb blob - expected the wings and legs of the turkey to be intact and for it to resemble a holiday bird.

                      2. They forgot to put the andouille in the stuffing as discussed and noted on our order submission - the brioche herb stuffing is innocuous and moist enough, but sort of flavorless and way underseasoned - much like what you'd get from a Whole Foods prepared food section.

                      We're glad to have tried it, but for a $200 budget for the holiday main course, we will make a different choice in the future.

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                    We have gotten our Turduckens from here:
                    They were delicious every time. Havent gotten one for a couple years though.
                    Scroll to the bottom of that page and behold the Fowl de Cochon (Pig Turducken) - a boneless pig stuffed with a Turducken. That I would love to try :-)

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                      Thanks very much! - at a total shipped of $135 for 14-15 lbs including a lb of cornbread sausage stuffing inside, this may be a great option to try in the future - and the pictures show the wings and leg bones intact as I'd expect unlike our tasty enough but shapeless blob this year (see post above).

                  3. Turducken is ALWAYS boneless. That's half the point. You couldn't really stuff a duck in a chicken in a turkey WITH the bones... ;-)

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                      Not totally true, while the chicken and duck are deboned, the turkey is deboned leaving the legs and wings intack. I always opt for a boneless version though.

                      1. re: Pegmeister

                        Although, I imagine if you went whole hog, so to speak, and wanted copiturducken, the turkey, and pig would also have to be boneless, and only the cow could retain some bone.

                        1. re: FoodDabbler

                          Scroll to the bottom of that page and stuff one of those in a cow and you're all set :-)

                    2. McKinnon's in Somerville has them in their ad (which is good thru 11/22), for $7.99/lb. I would call first to find out if they're fresh vs frozen, and still available.

                      McKinnon's Meat Market
                      239 Elm St, Somerville, MA

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                      1. re: okra

                        Saw these in McKinnon's on Saturday.
                        Looked fresh and in their own packaging...prices were $40-50.

                        1. re: rknrll

                          I'll look to see if McKinnon has any this week. I've also contacted Savenor's. Savenor's is listing them for availability next week, but I am having a shindig this coming Saturday.

                      2. The Turdukan with cranberry and apple stuffing by DiLuigis from Kinnealy Meats at the Milton Marketplace was a big hit with my family this Thanksgiving season. I don't know if it is just evolving taste buds, but it was more successful than my attempt from Roche Bros a few years ago; we will try both again.
                        They are very responsive to special requests.

                        Fruit Center Marketplace, Milton
                        10 Bassett St, Milton, MA 02186