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Dec 22, 2010 06:13 PM

Coming to London with 18 year old daughter for 2 days in May.

First time and we are from Canada. Looking for a real English experience(whatever that is) and no touristy places. Would be up for all different types of food. Looking for more relaxed, family restaurant. Looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner experiences. We will be staying in London and will be using transit.
Thanks in advance.
Can't wait to see your country.

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  1. I'm going to post a reply in part since noone else has as yet. But I should warn you that I no longer live in London (or the UK!). The reason why you may not have many responses is that the request is rather vague...real English experiences may now include not only the ubiquitous (and variable) Indian and Chinese meals, but also e.g. some of the best French cooking anywhere.

    Do you want English cuisine? What sort of budget and given that you are only in London for two days, where will you be staying and what else will you be up to: is this a food-centred tour? (which as much as I love the food in London, would not recommend on a first visit: London is a wonderful city to explore). London is a huge city, and using 'transit' can still take you over an hour or two from end to again, some pointers to narrow down the many hundreds of good and thousands of mediocre choices might help others who are more current on the London food scene to help out.

    Good luck and merry Christmas!


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      Thanks for the advice. To narrow it down, we are from close to Toronto and so we also have all food ethnicities love it all. We would appreciate offers of any cuisine, although do want to stay more toward some English cuisine experiences. We are not there on a food centred tour. We are going to see the city and explore so we will be out all day long. We are hoping to find good traditional places and to not spend too for us about 16 pounds per person. Also, not familliar with food prices so is that even
      We have not booked our hotel, and I know that would make it more helpful, so as soon as I know, I'll post that info. too.
      Thanks again.

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        I'm going to do some research on the boards, get our hotel and then come back and post as I think that might be more helpful. I think I'm just getting so excited so early and did not realize my post is too vague at the moment. The drinking age here is 19 so also a bit anxious that my 18 year old will be legal to drink there........oh, gosh.

    2. I'm another Torontonian taking my 18-year-old daughter to London in a couple of weeks. How did everything work out for you? Any interesting recommendations? She is an adventurous eater.

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        Cocomaya in Connaught St is great for an afternoon coffee or their hot chocolate. Very pretty and perfect atmosphere for a parent and daughter sit down. Best for stopping by after a look in Slefridges which you will probably end up in, or Oxford Street!

        35 Connaught St, Paddington, Greater London W2 2, GB