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Dec 22, 2010 04:08 PM

Kabocha (Japanese squash)

Came across it when grocery shopping today, so I picked one up. As I understand it, you can use it as a substitute for butternut squash. Anyone with any experience or suggesions, looking for something different to try.

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  1. I used it instead of pumpkin in a pie and was pleased with the results.

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      similarly, I used it to make cheesecake over thanksgiving.

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        After you wash the kabocha, you can make thin slices and use it in tempura. My mom also used to cook kabocha with dried shrimp which imparted a nice flavor to the flesh of the kabocha.

      2. I think it is worth eating at least half of it straight - steamed or baked - without any fancy additions. It may not even need salt. And try some with the skin still on. I think the flavor is great by itself.

        I've used it in pumpkin bread, as a puree, sliced and roasted with other vegetables, as base for pumpkin soup. For some of those applications I peel it, either before cooking or after (mainly where I want the pure color).

        1. The flavor of kabocha is wonderful - so wonderful that I have had squash haters fall in love!
          I have cooked it simply with great results. It also pairs nicely with coconut milk and curry.

          1. I used a kabocha squash (roasted) to house a cheese fondue. I usually use acorn squash but we very much enjoyed the kabocha as well. Guests can spoon some of the roasted flesh with the cheese, just being careful not to break through the "wall" of the squash-container. It was lovely and such a beautiful color too.