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Dec 22, 2010 03:56 PM

JA Henckels Classic Clad SS cookware -- impressed!

Don't know if anyone else has tried this line of cookware, but I must say I'm impressed with the quality! I just received their 1/2 qt "butter warmer/saucepan" via Amazon. I do have a little Farberware half-quart but was intrigued by the more versatile shape of this one.

I am REALLY impressed with the quality of this line. Great weight, and the 'sandwich' extends up the sides of the pan rather than being just on a bottom disc; induction etc friendly, should I ever opt for that in the future; and one of the most comfortable handles I've ever come across. I don't have a pot rack (yet!) but even the design of the handle end serves a logical purpose. The interior of the pan forms a smooth curve where the sides meet the bottom, which allows a spoon to glide along while stirring the perimeter -- very nice indeed. Lifetime guarantee but I can't imagine anything I could possibily to do faze this pan (not that I intend trying to murder it, LOL). And to top it all off, it doesn't merely come in its own box but also within its own protective black fabric drawstring bag within said box. Now THAT'S attention to detail! :-D

I just placed an order for the 10" frypan, because the only one I currently have in that size is a Scanpan Classic nonstick, and I am deliberately getting away from using nonstick anything. Also, if I should ever opt for induction or any other nontraditional cooktop, my Scanpan isn't compatible with those; and with my luck, Henckels will have discontinued this line by the time that happens. :-( I am the Kiss of Death when it comes to good products being discontinued shortly after I discover them.... and so, you have been warned! :-O

I'm trying to rationalize buying the 6-qt stockpot (also to replace a Scanpan nonstick). Rationalization 'pro' is its material, and also the above Discontinuation Theory; rationalization 'con' is Budget, plus the fact that it has a solid lid rather than the glass type that I prefer. The Logical Compromise: Keeping a close eye on the price of the stockpot, and if Amazon ever runs a bigger sale on it, I'll pounce. Rationalization be d*mned in that case, LOL !

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  1. DD: I am not familiar with this line, and confess I'm always a little cynical when it comes to manufacturers of one tool type offering different types (Think Smith & Wesson or Colt offering pocketknives). But, hey, if Cuisinart and Viking can do it, why not Henkels?

    Having said that, I really like the handle on your new shallow butterpan--it looks very ergonomic to me. And the 4-rivet design looks hell-for-stout. I can see why you are excited about these pans. For fry- and saute pans especially, a comfortable handle is important. (Aside: I recently passed on a set of heavy, 19thC tall copper saucepans that had VERTICAL handles--comfortable and ergonomic in their own way.)

    But a word of caution: If these are going to be your replacements for Scanpan nonstick, you better be frying your heart out in just one or two of them to see if they please you with regard to nonstick and evenness properties before you plunge on a set. Nothing against this line in particular, but so many have been so disappointed in the past with SS. But I'm sure you'll make the right decision!

    1. I have the 3qt saute pan from the Henckels warehouse sale 3 years ago. I bought it on a whim so it's still sitting in the box. Construction looks decent. Interesting handle design. It's made in China so it's comparable to Tramatina in pricing.

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        Hey DD,
        I actually own the 7 piece set, which comes with the essentials. I replaced a bunch of old Calphalon and Browne-Halco that I've owned for a while now.
        Bottom line is the stuff is awesome! The price is incredibly low, which should not make you worry about the quality of the product (in this case). For what it's worth, Cook's Illustrated gave it a great review- it even out performed All-Clad in a couple of areas.
        In my experience, the stock pot is great for a medium batch of stew, soup, chili, etc. I even use it very often to braise because of ease of clean up. The lid isn't a perfect seal, like say a Le Creuset or Staub, but it's still great in the oven! I sometimes throw some aluminum foil around the lid and pot if I'm really concerned about steam escaping.
        My only word of caution would be the handles...they are great on the stovetop and with a light amount of liquid, but the minute you try to pour from a saucepan, you might battle with a bit of slipping, because of the rounded edges.
        All in all, I have cooked with many types of cookware, and I would say these are the most impressive I have used. Equal to All-Clad and commercial Calphalon!