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Dec 22, 2010 02:37 PM

Prepping potato gratin ahead?

Can a potato gratin be prepped to the point of pouring the cream over the sliced potatoes a few hours ahead of time or will the potatoes turn color? Or should I just bake it and reheat at the host home? Thank you and happy holidays!

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  1. I would vote for cooking it and then reheating. The concern about discoloring is one thing but there's also the spilling/slopping factor with everything uncooked.

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    1. cook everything on the stove, let the sliced potatoes simmer in the cream. u can do this the day or maybe even 2 days before if u want then just finish it off in the oven. this is a geat way cuz u can taste it during the cooking and add more salt if u need and u dont risk it getting burned by reheating it.. (well if u dont forget it in the oven ofcourse)

      1. I have a similar question - my potato gratin calls for the potatoes to be par-cooked in the cream on the stove top, then layered in the gratin dish with cheese and caramelized onions. Because of the pre-cooking step, the gratin isn't particularly liquidy when assembled. Should I go ahead and assemble it the night before, or keep the components (half cooked potatoes, onions and cheese) separate and put it together in the morning?