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Dec 22, 2010 01:23 PM

For Jerome--Return To Jin Jiang

Like Jerome, I had not visited Jin Jiang (11057 Santa Monica Blvd., WLA) since they gave up on authentic Chinese food and surrendered to the tastes of the Westside natives. Since Jerome no longer frequents the region, I thought I'd go back to do an update for the both of us. As it turns out Jin Jiang did not descend to the total mediocrity of Americanized Westside Chinese food, and if you order correctly the food can be decent. We ordered three dishes--fish with asparagus chow fun, curry tofu, and a blackboard special, crispy sole with spicy garlic sauce and spinach. The fish asparagus chow fun was an interesting combination I had never seen and was quite good. The crispy sole was comparable to what you get at the Hong Kong style cafes in the San Gabriel Valley. The curry tofu was the bland Westside glop that you'd expect west of the Harbor Freeway. Dishes were not particularly large, so at $27 for lunch the meal was rather pricey, and most of the rest of the menu is not particularly inspiring, which would prevent me from going back with any regularity. But the one blackboard special was good, and another one, Shanghai style pork shops sounded interesting, so at least we know that the kitchen still has some capabilities left in it.

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  1. thanks chandavkl. the sweet sour dishes were ok when i was last there four or five yeras ago, the almond chicken would soothe a westsider, etc. and the soups were ok. but not worth a trip to that neighborhood for me. if you live thre and order CAREFULLY, sounds like chandavkl is right and this is consistent with the last itme i was there.