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Dec 22, 2010 12:30 PM

Dill in dessert?

So many herbs are used, but I have never seen dill. Yesterday I made a dessert with dill and it was great. The dill brought about a nice lemon and fresh flavor. What are some other under utilized herbs in pastry?

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  1. I think dill would be great in a lemon/lime sorbetto.

    How about oregano? Ever seen a dessert with oregano in it?

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    1. when i think of dill i think of fish or potatoes.. dessert? noo.. did it really taste good? lol maybe dill dessert is the next big thing..

      no havn't seen oregano in a dessert yet, and i dont think ive seen parsly or coriander

      1. I love basil with fresh fruit, especially with peaches or watermelon. I'm pretty brave and would like to know what kind of dessert you made with dill as it sounds good to me!

        I'm curious about oregano as it already tastes flowery to me. I'd also be curious about cilantro but probably not parsley. Well, maybe parsley would be worth a try...

        I did have that garlic ice cream at the Gilroy garlic festival back in...1999. I kind of liked it.

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          Aerated "Cheese Cake" with Orange, Burnt Sugar, Dill

          Today in the mail I got my Nitrous Oxide canisters for my ISI Creative Whip. I was really excited to use them, so I looked in my fridge to see what I had to work with. I did not want to make plain whipped cream..... I saw cream cheese, so that led me to make an aerated cheese cake. I mixed 8 oz cream cheese with a half cup of milk, some sugar, salt, vanilla, and a little bit of cinnamon. I blended this together with my hand blender and then put that in my ISI Creative Whip. I charged it with nitrous oxide and shook it up and let it chill in the fridge for a couple hours. For the "burnt sugar" I caramelized some sugar in a pan then added Orange juice, salt, and a little butter. I poured the hot mixture on some parchment and let it cool down and crisp up. I simply supremed oranges, and picked very little threads of dill. Lots of herbs have been used in desserts, but I have never seen dill used before and I don't know why not. Yes, if you add too much dill it will completely ruin a dish, but a few little threads will add a nice freshness and herbaceousness to a dish. Dill also contains some lemon volatiles, which complements most desserts. There are so many herbs that have yet to set their voyage toward the sweet world. When I used one of the tips for my Creative Whip the foam came out looking like a star, which was kind of cool. I really loved this dish and the ISI Creative Whip. I cannot wait to have some more fun with it.

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            That sounds wonderful! Yes, there are many herbs just waiting. I remember when using lavender as an herb in sweets was new to me, gosh, way back in the eighties. Now, it seems so normal that I didn't even think of it. I probably will not try chives but I have used the pineapple mint I grow. Maybe I should snip off some thyme after winter...