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Dec 22, 2010 12:29 PM

Hakkasan style food in a more relaxed ambience [London]

Hi All

I'll be in London late January. I've to Hakkasan many times, love the food but tired of that clubby/loungy feeling. Is there any other place in London serving this Chinese-fusion style of food in a more relaxed place but still hip and trendy [something like Zuma ]and not like an old-world chinese restaurant.


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  1. Haozhan (apparently ex-Hakkasan chef; anyone confirm or deny?) in Chinatown is pretty good for modern Cantonese.

    1. I'll second Haozhan. It's one of my favorite places for a good Chinese meal. If you want something a bit more upscale with great roast duck and obviously more expensive, there is Min Jiang in Kensington.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        Min Jiang is traditional food, not really fusion. It is also not quite hip and trendy. The food is excellent though, just maybe not fitting the style requested here - though the views over hyde park are wonderful.

        1. re: peekaboo1

          Min jingo is not hip or trendy at all, simply high-end. It's serene, and quite the antithesis of hakkasan in ambiance.

      2. Plum Valley, just down the street from Haozhan, is also pretty good.

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          Ive been dragged to Plum Valley a few times and haven't really enjoyed it, tho my gf likes it. I don't eat pork or shellfish so am not best person to comment but the things I've ordered have always been excessively oily or sweet. If haozhan is available perhaps try there as other reviews are overwhelmingly positive?