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ISO Cacao/Cocoa Nibs in GTA

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I'm looking for cacao or cocoa nibs for the David Leibovitz Shallot Marmalade recipe for Christmas. I was convinced The Cheese Boutique would have them, but no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas? West End would be preferable but I don't mind driving.

Thanks in advance.

Cheese Boutique
45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

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  1. Soma carries them (not sure if it's a regular item, so it's probably worth a call). Not cheap and not west end, but I figured I'd throw it out there anyway. :)

    1. You can get the Navitas cocoa nibs at Whole Foods. Their website has a helpful product locator too. Plenty of retailers in the GTA that carry them.

      1. Foods for Life at 2184 Bloor West (just east of Runnymede) usually has them

        1. I've bought mine at Whole Foods, but I have also seen them in Loblaws.

          1. i bought mine @ ambrosia but i've seen them at the sweet potato on dundas.

            1. Thanks everyone. I found them at Soma. Almost bought the wrong ones, though - some were coated in chocolate for eating. I found the right ones for the recipe.

              Thanks for the help!

              1. Chocosol direct-trade cocoa nibs are available at Karma Co-Op. You can also buy them directly from the Chocosol folks -- they are at the Wychwood Barns market (Christie and St. Clair) on Saturday mornings.

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                  I second the Chocosol nibs. They come in the shell half the time and are pretty cheap through Karma or the Chocosol loft. They're by far the best ones I have had.