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Dec 22, 2010 12:00 PM

Rice flour substitute?

I had some wonderful little shortbread cookies, and the recipe calls for rice flour. Would cake and pastry flour be a good sub? or cornstarch?

Truth be told, I'm too lazy and shopped out, and I don't want to brave the grocery store for just one thing, but I if it will give me a better result, I might try to talk someone else into going out for it!

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  1. rice flour will make them crispier. substituting cornstarch will make them more tender, as long as there is also some kind of wheat flour to hold it together.

    1. Of course I didn't read the whole recipe!!!!

      The recipe is 3 cups flour, 2/3 rice flour. Could I use the c&p instead of rice flour?

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        Yep, no problem. I'd use cornstarch, though.

      2. You might substitute corn starch for rice starch in a recipe, but cornstarch is not a good substitute for any kind of flour (it's just starch after all, no protein). If you really liked the cookies made with rice flour, it's probably because they were made with rice flour. If you use something else it won't be the same (although it still might be quite tasty).

        But if it was really good, how about sharing the recipe.

        ps - I just found this:

        Seems like you could substitute corn starch "if necessary" if your recipe is similar.