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Lookinng for Challah bread

Where can I get Challah bread in Metairie or N.O.?

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  1. Whole foods has it on Fridays, I think.

    1. My number one place would be Maple Street Patisserie when available. My second number one place is Dognacs on Vets. Their grocery store bakery is not a grocery store bakery, but a excellent bakery all on its own. They have a variety of challah all the time.

      1. La Boulangerie on Magazine has challah on the weekends and Kosher Cajun in Metairie has it shipped in from NY all week long.

        La Boulangerie
        4526 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

        1. Stein's Deli has challah and recently introduced "Challah French Toast Fridays".

          1. If you have a Trader Joe's in the area their Challah bread is surprisingly not bad and probably loads cheaper than Whole Foods.

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              Closest Trader Joe's is Atlanta. Probably not worth the trip.

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                OMG, why you want to make me cry? (I miss Trader Joe's.)

              2. I like the IDEA of challah at Maple Street, Stein's, Kosher Cajun, and Dorignac's. The only one that is edible, however, comes from Whole Foods.

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                  I completely disagree. The challah at Whole Food is absolutely aweful. The Maple Street place is pretty good. I don't know how often you want to get it, but the JCC gets it every Friday and we have our kid bring a loaf home with him from school. I think you can get it through them if you want it on a regular basis and it is by far the best we've had in town.

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                    Agreed on Maple Street Patisserie....Ziggy's challah is pretty good.

                2. I am in NYC now visiting family for the holidays and I have not stopped stuffing my face with Challah, Jewish appetizing, pastrami, bagels, and every other food item (too many to list!) I sorely miss since moving to NO.

                  If it werent for this dreaded snowstorm I'd be pounding the pavement, and my stomach!