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Homemade Marshmallows - don't actually like them

There has been a GIANT trend with "homemade" marshmallows, and with winter and holidays fully upon us, the media coverage has been quite thick.

Here's the thing: I don't actually much like "homemade" marshmallows. I really do like the store-bought "jet-puffed" kind. Am I totally crazy?

There are a lot of things that are way better homemade, but I feel like some things are still done best by either giant corporations or professionals. Marshmallows and macarons, respectively, are my favorite examples for these.

Anyway, there's my rant. Please someone answer my angsty cry into the web!

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  1. I'm too polite to tell you that you are crazy but I will tell you I utterly despise the store-bought marshmallows and macarons. It's homemade all the way for me! Homemade chocolate marshmallows in hot chocolate? Mmmm.... I think part of it is the fun in making them.

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      I will humbly accept I'm crazy for not liking homemade marshmallows, but as for macarons, I will also humbly say that a patisserie is way better at makin then than I am for sure.

    2. I agree with you! They're soooo much work, just for such a rubbery, gelatinous result. Bah.

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        Rubbery and gelatinous? That's odd - mine are always very light and fluffy. But thankfully not everyone likes the same stuff! :-D

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          chefathome, would you be willing to share your recipe? I would like to make some for a friend this week.

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            This recipe makes delectably light chocolate marshmallows. Will search for my strawberry and vanilla bean recipes and will post those, too.

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                chefathome, did you ever come up with your recipes for strawberry and vanilla bean marshmallows. To me, there is nothing comparable to a homemade marshmallow!

        2. But it's so much fun to come up with new flavors you can't get from a store. I use Alton Brown's recipe and don't think it's much work (YAY! for stand mixers!!) This week I made coconut, which were really fun.

          1. I love the kind made by Whole Foods and do not like the jet puffed kind. That said, I love the jet puffed kind when I'm standing outside by the fire and a giant ball of flame forms on the end of the stick causing everyone to run around wildly looking for a bucket of water and a bucket of sand.

            I then blow out the flame, pull the blackened mess off the stick, eat it and then give the sticky inside a little more flame and pull it off with two graham crackers. This tradition cannot be altered!

            I've never tried to make my own though. I'm guessing I'd need to make sure the ladder isn't in the way of the fire extinguisher!

            1. Sometimes your head says a food should taste a certain way and when it doesn't, you reject it. Keep Jet-puffin, Sandy!

              1. This is one of those foods where I tend to think of them as two different foods - homemade marshmallows, and store bought, with totally different textures and uses.

                1. I tried Smitten Kitchen's recipe (adapted from Gourmet), which incorporates stiffly beaten egg whites. They are nice and springy.