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Dec 22, 2010 10:01 AM

Tn'T Pies, Anyone Know Where Available?

Years ago I used to be able to get Tn'T single serving pies locally at some convenience stores. They are baked in Lancaster County and in my opinion are superior to TastyKake Pies. Recently I have had a craving for them and have contacted their bakery to see where they might be available in the Bucks-Mont area. The bakery responded that they would have a local distributor get back to me but as of yet no response from them. Anyone know where these might be sold?

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    1. re: gakski

      Thanks gakski but I've already been that route trying to find a local outlet. Still waiting to hear from their local distributor.

      1. re: sokojojn

        I really want to say Specks Drive In in Collegeville, but I am not 100% sure i saw them the last time I was there (a few weeks ago)

    2. Those little round pies in the cellophane wrappers? They are all over Central PA, here in Harrisburg they are sold at Karns.

      1. I think I saw them at Pete's deli in Conshohocken. Call first because I am not absolutely sure.

        1. Thanks everyone for the input. Yes they are the ones that used to be in an open end wax paper bag. I would assume that they may have changed the package to something more tamper evident in this day and age. I would imagine that they are readily available throughout the Lancaster County and Central PA vicinity which is no too convenient when I may get an urge for one or two pies. Used to be all over the Philly area years ago.