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Dec 22, 2010 09:48 AM

Looking for: rainbow cookie cake (Long Island).

Basically, this:

A cake version of the rainbow cookies. Great if the place has a smaller cake, but not crucial so long as it isn't humongous (just for a handful of people). I don't mind some travel, though Port Washington (to the west, a similar distance straight south) and Huntington north/east and Bay Shore south/east are the limits.

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  1. i know she's in the city, but that one turned out so beautifully i'd contact Alexandra Ramos and ask if she'd be willing to do one for you! ;)

    or you could attempt it yourself...

    but seriously, Uncle Giuseppe's has one, so that may be your best bet:

    1. I'm pretty sure I saw some at SalVito's Bakery. But I would call first to verify. (631) 842-4202
      946 Montauk Hwy, Copiague in the IGA shopping center. Although, Uncle Giuseppe's is probably a best bet.

      1. Marzullos in Wiliston Park does one. I've never had the cake but the rainbow cookies are perfection.

        Marzullo's Bakery
        638 Willis Avenue
        Williston Park, NY 11596-1149
        (516) 294-6296

        1. I've had the one from Front Street Bakery in Rockville Centre for both my wedding rehearsal dinner and my 30th birthday. Yum!

          1. Sitting outside Uncle G's /East Meadow right now; place it a total madhouse. No rainbow cookie cake in sight. I'l try some of the other suggestions now.

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            1. re: Scott_R

              call around before going! if someone tells you they have one, ask them to hold it for you.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Went to both Williston Park and then Rockville Center (after calling to confirm they had them), but *wow* the lines? I know, I know... should have expected. But I went to Marzullos, and the line looped around and around the inside. Not wanting to wait in line a half hour, I went to RVC. The line there stretched about 20 feet outside the store.

                Oh, well. Thanks for the ideas, though.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  Christmas Eve is not the day to go to bakeries, nor fish shops, at least on Long Island. I pre-ordered my fish from my regular store weeks ago and still had to wait an hour to get it. Just part of the tradition, and I met a really nice lady on line and we had a great conversation about everything under the sun, luckily it was 9AM so I wasn't panicking yet. After that, I passed the wonderful Italian bakery down the street and decided to just go to Best Yet and get my Italian bread there. Try again next week, they'll probably run out to your car to greet you.

                  BTW thanks for bringing this cake to my attention, my rainbow cookies are the most popular of the dozen or so I make this time of year; I looked up the recipe and will be making this for our next special occasion. Can't wait to see everyone's faces when I cut into it!

                  1. re: coll

                    It was just how things worked out. Sunday's my mother's birthday, and my sister and her kids were coming up from PA for the weekend, with dinner at New Chilli & Curry Restaurant tonight.

                    In the end, I went to Jacqueline's Patisserie in Babylon--tried and true--and bought their flourless chocolate tort (my sister and her daughter have celiac), and it proved yet again to be a winner. They also had rainbow cookies (not cake), which were also way above the average for bakery items. So it worked out.

                    1. re: Scott_R

                      glad it worked out in the end! at least now you know where you can get the cake for next year...or even pick one up sometime in the next couple of weeks and surprise her with it "just because." :)

                      1. re: Scott_R

                        i'm glad it worked out for you, and in a selfish way i'm happy to read your comments that you went from East Meadow to williston park, to RVC, to Babylon for a cake. I'm not the only one driving all over the place for food. My family, friends and co-workers think i'm crazy when i do stuff like that.

                        1. re: Scott_R

                          You drove to Babylon from Williston Park rather than just waiting on line at a bakery that had what you wanted????

                          1. re: MisterBill2

                            It was at least a 40 minute wait at Williston Park; getting to Babylon took half that. And I went to a place where I *knew* the product would be excellent, rather than risk a product that might either (a) be sold out by the time I got to the the head of the line, or (b) might not be as good as I'd hoped. And the chocolate tort from Babylon was going to please many more people than the rainbow cake, and I was also able to get top-of-the-line rainbow cookies in Jacqueline's to boot, if not the cake.

                            Plus I wouldn't feel like an idiot standing around for closing in on an hour.