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Dec 22, 2010 09:40 AM

Wynwood kitchen & bar

Anyone been? Saw not great review (pre Art Basel) but menu looks good so wondering if they've improved. Thanks!

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  1. Had dinner there a couple of weeks ago - after it was just opened for two weeks. Vibe is great, clientele is very cool and wait staff were adorable (read young and untrained). The food was nothing to write home about and the service was slow, sloppy and mediocre at best. If you happen to be in the neighborhood drop in for a drink - the art work on the walls and the terrace outside are funky but don't make a special trip!

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        I went to Wynwood Kitchen last night and have some comments--they break out into two rather extreme points of view. The place broadly reminds me of an East Village Manhattan restaurant--reasonably strong and simple food, but more than a bit of an attitude problem.

        First, the host/maitre d' of this restaurant (at least the one on duty last night) is one of the more pompous, pretentious, idiotic, and unethical that I have encountered in five years of living in Miami. I don't think so highly of this town, and individuals like this tend to justify my point of view. To be fair, we showed up without a reservation in the early parts of the evening, but there were almost a dozen empty tables for two. (I even offered the maitre d' a $20 tip for a table, but he implied I would have needed to tip him $100 for the table.)

        That said, we sat at the bar, and put ourselves in the hands of an amiable bartender. He guided us through a variety of mostly smaller courses, but his judgement was superb. The sausages he brought (lamb and beef) were excellent, as was a fried artichoke dish as well as mussels in a marina sauce. The wine list was fairly strong and well priced--I had a great glass of Antinori for $9!

        Overall, the food here is actually simple pub-oriented fare--nothing spectacularly sophisticated, but it is prepared perfectly, and I liked the big courtyard, where one can experience the cool murals of Wynwood. It is possible children would like that!

        I was put off by the maitre d', though, his ridiculous attitude, and more than a bit of pretentiousness at this place. Those two factors would give me pause to return, and I think the restaurant will need to overcome this and change if it is to succeed and stay alive in Miami. (The summer is only a few months away, and only a few of us will be here!)

        Not sure how soon I will be back.

        Wynwood Kitchen and Bar
        2550 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

      2. food not good at all. Go to Buena Vista. Heads and shoulders above better.

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          Dreadful meal. Won't be back unless I want scene and vibe...