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Dec 22, 2010 09:34 AM

Can we talk about Wawa?

Maybe I’m getting old… “I remember the good old days….” When Wawa had a good hoagie. I hadn’t had a Wawa hoagie in over a year, and today with precious little time at lunch and no cash in my pocket (I’m horrible like that I never carry cash) I ran over to the Wawa on Henderson Road in King of Prussia for a hoagie and a free ATM withdraw

This is one of the remaining “little Wawas” that haven’t been demolished. I drive past it to and from work and at lunch and it’s packed every morning and any time I drive by at lunch…

I got my old favorite… an Italian, touch ordering for provolone cheese, little bit of oil, lettuce, tomato, onion, hot peppers and oregano… cuz that’s how I roll…

What I got was not very good… let’s start with the roll… it looked like what you see at the bottom of the bin by the Deli counter at Genuardi’s on a Sunday late afternoon when all the rolls are already picked over, squished and semi-stale.
The lunchmeats just aren’t the same as they used to be either! Overall, the hoagies are just lack luster… and what’s all this ‘other’ stuff they’re serving? Turkey bowls, “Prime rib bowls”??
Am I the only one who is not happy with what has happened to the quality of the limited items that Wawa used to make, in favor of their attempting to be a jack of all trades? (Mastering none!)

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  1. Just as Wawa has turned its back on Philly, so I'm inclined to turn my back on Wawa. I think you're right that the hoagies just aren't the same, though it was always possible to get an unfresh roll, which just ruins the sandwich. It's tough, though, because pound for pound, Wawa still bests any other chain convenience store.

    Boy do I pine for the good old days...

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    1. re: nwinkler

      Wawa dumped Amorso last year for a Jersey bakery (an apparent tax dodge by the Amoroso family to bake in a zone where they benefit from tax credits, and don't need to pay union drivers) so they don't get daily delivery any more.

      There are lots of great Jersey rolls, but Wawa is not buying from Liscio's .. that's for sure.

      1. re: phillyjazz

        phillyjazz, I'm having a hard time understanding this but I'm interested. What does Amoroso's tax dodge have to do with Wawa switching bakeries?

          1. re: phillyjazz

            Thanks, it makes sense now. I guess there is now a "Wawa Effect" similar to "Walmart Effect."

            1. re: barryg

              And you thought it was just a Jimi Hendrix effect pedal !!!

    2. I still eat Wawa hoagies pretty regularly and have found that they are sort of inconsistent. I can get a great hoagie at one place and 10 miles away the other place is lousy. I miss being able to state "Extra" anything to the sandwich makers since that is not an option any longer with the touch screens. You cannot put enough hot peppers on my Italian or pickles on my turkey hoagies!

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      1. re: 94Bravo

        Ah yes. The touch screen. We no longer actually "communicate". Really gets under my skin!

        1. re: crazyspice

          Say what you want about the "de-humanization" of it, I have yet to see an order prepared wrong.. If I want human interaction, I'll go for a bartender (or a hooker.) If I want a properly made sandwich, give me a touchscreen any day !!

          I just wish you could order ANYTHING for breakfast that didn't have eggs.

          1. re: phillyjazz

            I don't eat breakfast food. EVER. I agree on that point. Let us know when you get that hooker!

            1. re: crazyspice

              Ha ha ha ha ha good one crazyspice! I hate the touch screens too.

            2. re: phillyjazz

              You mean, aside from the pancake bowls? Or the pastries?

              What I want is a way of ordering an egg/sausage sandwich (or similar) WITHOUT cheese. They premix cheese in the eggs! For this reason, WaWa isn't even an option for breakfast for me.

              (Sheetz needs to move a little further east....)

        2. I enjoy a great hoagie. My current favs are from Lennie's in Roxborough and Paesano's in No. Lib. But I eat wawa hoagies far more often. So I asked myself why. The reason boils down to convenience. No sir charge ATMs, hoagies in 4", 6", 10", w/ chicken salad, tuna salad, ham, smoked turkey, roasted turkey, meatball, w/ oil, w/ o oil, mustard, little bit of mayo . . . Now none of this is outstanding food but it's good enough and flexible enough to please one if your are watching your weight or if you wanna splurge. So daily I'll go wawa but weekends it the real deal.

          1. I dont like wawa hoagies very much. They use poor qualtiy rolls and meat and cheese. I do like the roast beef ciabatta with horseradish mayo. The roll is always great which helps make it a good sandwich.

            1. Hoagie? Is that something like a grine-dah?