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Dec 22, 2010 09:19 AM

Any old Houstonites remember a Galleria ice cream parlor?

Can anyone remember the name of the ice cream parlor that was located in the Galleria Shopping center? It had a "mainstreet", "olde tyme" ice cream parlor ambiance, red, white and pink decor and they had enormous sundaes, including one in a punch bowl that came out with sparklers, horns, sirens and I don't know what all else. They ran it all over the store on a specially cut out gurney manned by two waitstaff. I was trying to describe it to someone and cannot for the life of me recall the name.

I know it was there from early on and have photos of birthday parties there so it was definitely some time in the 70's. Yes I am old. I do recall that having your party their meant you were the height of cool. So much has changed at the Galleria.

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  1. Whoops, never mind, It was Ferrell's. And apparently they are poised to make a comeback.

    as of 2008. So that's probably meaningless. But at least the mystery is solved. And a follow-up - are there any other Farrell's like ice cream places worth going to in Houston? We live 30 minutes away from the BlueBell factory so getting access to good mass production ice cream isn't the issue. It;'s that awe inspring Farrell's experience that I'm looking to give my 8 year old. and I don't want to turn my punch bowl into a super sized sundae and I want to let someone else clean up the remains.

    1. I spent many a fun time in Ferrell's. Remember the "I made a pig of myself at Ferrell's" stickers you wore if you ate that big sundae? They are on the west coast still, and I "liked" their FB page for a while, but they didn't seem ready to move east.