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Dec 22, 2010 09:19 AM

Help! What do I do with Turkey Hearts?

Hi there,

I have Turkey hearts that I need to cook tonight.
Braise? In what? How long?
Fry and slice? How long? Herbs?
What can I do with them?

Thanks guys, Oana

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  1. I often cook them. I either broil or sauté them with onions and season with sage or a poultry seasoning........and hot sauce at the plate

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    1. re: scunge

      Oooohhh ... that sounds wonderful! It's amazing what one can overlook. I am a hot sauce junkie and not for one second did it cross my mind for Turkey hearts. scunge, thank you! :):) I will place another order from the farm for the hearts and serve it up your style. SO looking forward to it :).

    2. I sometimes fry and slice them, serve on crackers with some cream cheese as an hor devour or as an ingredient in a salad or mixed into a fried rice dish. I also sometimes braise them in a bit of chicken broth and white wine. I rarely offer them to guests unless I know for certain that they'll be popular with the group - offal isn't always well received.
      When I get them as part of the package with a turkey I usually include them with all the other trimmings in a pot of chicken stock where they're boiled for a while and them pureed and added to the final collection of flavorful juices from which I make a gravy that I strain prior to serving.
      If you like them you can cook them up, puree them and use them in a Turkey Heart Salad Sandwich, not unlike you might use a liver pate or a tuna salad.

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      1. re: todao

        I know what you mean :). I sent out a preliminary e-mail with a "Who's with me" subject-line stating specifically what I was up to :). Evening was lovely and plates were empty :).
        That sandwich idea rocks. Will certainly ty it soon, thank you :)

        1. re: oana

          Congratulations, oana. Ain't it wonderful when those things come together?
          Now it's time to try gizzards. That's some greatttt stuff; for those of use who can tolerate gristle.

          1. re: todao

            Thank you :). Most certainly :). I adore gizzards, especially the texture...and actually love gristle as well :).

            I am an offal groupie. There. I'm out. I've said it. :)