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Dec 22, 2010 08:47 AM

Porchetta (Porketta) in LA area?

Does anyone know where I can buy a porchetta in the LA area for Christmas? I'm looking for the traditional Italian style, like in NYC. Please tell me if you know anyplace.

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  1. I am assuming you are looking for it cooked? I would try Mozza2Go as I know they serve sandwiches with it..... Eataly in NYC has the best, much better than Porchetta the restaurant.

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      The mozza2Go version is great. They sell it in a sandwich for around $14 if i'm not mistaken. If you are a fan of the version at Porchetta in NYC you'll like this. The biggest difference is that the Mozza version isn't as greasy and dripping with juices. I thought the Porchetta version had maybe a little too much fat not rendered off or cut off while the Mozza version could have used a little more. Depending on how you like your sandwich this is either a plus or minus. The Mozza version also has more pronounced fennel flavor and seeds throughout. From a flavor perspective they are very similar.

    2. italia deli off Kanan road in Agoura Hills