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Dec 22, 2010 08:40 AM

Oriental Supermarket and Restaurant - Jackson, MS

Has anyone been to The Oriental Supermarket and Restaurant (5465 Interstate 55 N.) yet? I will stop by soon but was wondering what to expect. I'm hoping it is like the Hong Kong market in New Orleans.

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  1. I learned about it from the Cynical Cook ( who has eaten there and seemed impressed. It's definitely on my list since it's a market/restaurant.

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      Yeah he has a good review of the attached restaurant on his blog. I will check it out for lunch this week and report back.

      Also, I came across this board for Jackson:

    2. I went out of curiosity (I don't cook Asian at home) and was amazed at the variety of fresh produce, frozen and packaged foods, and fresh seafood (also live lobster, fish, eel, crab). But then, I don't have anything to compare it to. It's a large store--used to be a Chuck E. Cheese's. Enjoyed a shrimp-and-broccoli lunch there. Folks sitting near me raved on and on about their food (not sure what they ordered). Really friendly employees.

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        I ate there yesterday and had the same impression. Had the Kai Pow Shrimp- they were very good, but I felt a little guilty for not being more adventurous. They had some pretty cool stuff on the menu.

        The store part looked great- really pretty shrimp and live things! It isn't nearly as comprehensive as the Winchester Farmers Market in Memphis (worth a trip up there just to see), but I'm perfectly content in having only 20 kinds of soy sauce to choose from instead of 100...

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          Agreed. The Oriental Supermarket is perfect for Jackson - lots of exotic fruits and vegetables, tons of frozen dumplings, and live seafood. Mr. Chen's restaurant is also great and has many dishes that cannot be found anywhere in town other than the secret menu at Ding How. While it's not the Hong Kong market in NOLA, it fills a need in Jackson and I will be returning.

          Ding How
          5350 I 55 N, Jackson, MS 39211

      2. Up in the Capital City yesterday ~~ The Supermarket & Restaurant is a nice addition to the area...Certainly not the Hong Kong Market of N.O. but a nice fit for Jackson. The small produce section was mostly fresh, but I do not like pre-wrapped/packaged product...I prefer bulk...let me choose what and how much I want...The even smaller fresh meat section was not appealing to me...In fairness, I don't buy a lot of Kidneys, Pork Trotter's, and boneless duck feet, so I guess that explains the lack of appeal to me personally. I'm sure others will enjoy the choices. When I approached the seafood display, I got a little excited. There seem to be an ample variety etc, but upon climbing the steps to see the fish...Disappointment. The fish were not displayed on ice, they were displayed in in. encased in ice. One would need a hammer to break through the ice to make a selection...In fact a young man (employee) was doing just that with limited success. The few fish I could actually see had dull, sunken eyes...a sure sign of not being the freshest of fish. The several dry grocery aisles were full of variety...most of which I didn't have a clue what it was due to my inablilty to read the language(s), and lack of signage..In fact, signage was poor/lacking through out the store. This needs to be corrected for a more pleasant shopping experience for all customers. With just a little attention to details the store could be really nice...Hopefully they will take the steps and move in that direction.

        Mr Chen's restaurant was a bright spot. My son and I stayed in our comfort zone ordering somewhat known/familiar dishes...We were not disappointed. The dishes were excellently prepared, tasty and eye appealing. Service was, very friendly/polite and efficient. During the 11:30 - 12:30 noon hour business was brisk...We saw many,many plates, bowls etc of very tempting food being brought to the floor.....I will return...