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Dec 22, 2010 08:22 AM

Quick candied orange peels question

I've made candied orange and grapefruit peels. I plan on dipping at least some of them in chocolate. All of the recipes I've looked at seem to call for EITHER rolling in sugar OR coating in chocolate-- never both. Is there any reason not to do both? The peels are just so much easier to handle once they've been rolled in sugar. Will the chocolate just look a little lumpy over the grains of sugar, or is there some other reason this would fail?

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  1. i've done both and i realized having too much extra sugar on the peels would make the candies a bit wet (we're close to the coast). I've always just let it dry out and shake off extra sugar before chocolate coating them. So yes, you can do both, but shake the extras off from a colander before dipping.

    1. I have never rolled the peels in sugar before dipping in chocolate, but I do let them dry out well enough first, on parchment paper and sometimes for a few days, so there were no stickiness issues when handling them.

      One issue I can visualize is that, the excess sugar might fall off or melt into the melted chocolate, and interfere with it setting properly.