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Dec 22, 2010 08:07 AM

Pizza in, or east of, New Haven - but I can't wait 30 minutes to sit down

Hi Chowhounders -

I'll be picking up a car in New Haven this Friday and heading east. I am craving a fabulous N.H. pie but I don't have time to potentially wait a half-hour or more just to get in to one of the more celebrated establishments (Frank Pepe, Modern). So I wonder if a Chowhounder can recommend a quality place that we can sit down more or less immediately, whether in town or close to I-95 on the east side of town.

I have read favorable accounts of both Bar (on Crown St) and Abate's (on Wooster)... just to be clear, I absolutely cannot go north or west, only east on 95. Thanks, happy holidays to all!

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  1. Tolli's....main st east haven, quality pie. Or Nuzzo's in madison, rte 1 across from lenny's (more of a takeout place tho)

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      Amato's on State St. Maybe not quite the pie you get down the block at Modern (I'm a sucker for a brick oven), but nonetheless excellent pizza. I can also second Tolli's.
      The reality of the situation is that New Haven has very high standards for pizza (abeetz!), and almost any Italian pizza place you try (as opposed to the proliferation of Greek and Turkish places) will be better than most places elsewhere!

    2. I don't know your timeframe, but whenever we have been to Pepe's before 5pm, there has not been much of a wait and usually a spot in the parking lot..

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        1. I know this is an old thread, but I had the misfortune of having luch at Abate's on Wooster Street today.
          I've not eaten there in almost 20 years, but my older brother made the choice based on Abate's parking availability.
          We ordered a large onion and mushroom Apizza. We were very specific that we did not want mootz on the pie, just the grated pecorino Romano cheese. I am a native of New Haven and given a choice I do not eat mootz on a pie.

          The apizza came out looking lovely with both red and white onions and fresh mushrooms. There was abundant sauce, but no cheese. I said to the waiter where's the cheese, and he replied, you said you didn't want mootz. I said I told him just the grated Romano. The waiter pointed out the cheese shaker on the table and said here it is.
          I told the waiter that #1 the cheese on the table was not Pecorino Romano, but a cheap grated parmesan. #2 the Romano was to be baked in the oven, not sprinkled at the table.

          That said, the waiter did not offer to have another pie baked as ordered. The crust was cooked nicely and golden brown with a slight char. But as far as I was concerned the pie was tasteless. The fresh uncooked sauce and vegetables needed the saltiness of the Romano cheese.

          I ate onnly two slices and when we left I reminded my brother that it might be another 20 years before I'd eat at Abate's again, parking lot or no parking lot.

          BTW, we arrived at 12:45Pm and there was no wait for a table next door at Pepe's either.

          How I wished Sally's served lunch.