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Nov 15, 2005 12:45 PM

Viennetta Ice Cream - where can I find it?

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Remember the TV commercial that had no actors, only hand models? And all the hands reach in to take the last bite of Viennetta?

I LOVED Viennetta, but it seems to have disappeared in the U.S. Strangely, I found it in a freezer in Budapest and in the UK, but I can't find it anywhere in Los Angeles.

Can anyone help?!

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  1. My family likes that Viennetta stuff also. Tough to find. Strangely enough, I was able to procure some at 99 Ranch Market in San Gabriel (corner of Del Mar and San Gabriel Blvd.). This was a while back, though.....

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    1. re: JL

      It was from Breyers and they don't make it anymore. They don't make my favorite All Natural Peanut Butter n Fudge Ice Cream anymore, either...the bums!

      When Good Humor took over Breyers, everything went kapuut. 20 grams of saturated fat in a kid's novelty drumstick? Murder!

      1. re: jill

        NO one has a good peanut butter ice cream with chocolate anymore. Let alone a chocolate fudge. The closest i've found is hagan daz chocolate peanut butter and glacier's chunky monkey.

    2. Viennetta, "One slice is not enough." How True! It was in a donut-like box with a long lid -- Right?. Before Viennetta I remember another good store bought ice cream in a long box that was in square slices wrapped with white paper. And to think it was all store bought. Someone must know how to get it.

      1. I know this is an old discussion but I found some info about Viennetta and called the closest grocery store and sure enough, they had it! Got myself 10 boxes in case the rumor that it'll be gone after Feb 2009 is true. They expire in I know I'll be OK if I keep it frozen. You can read about its return here:

        I got my loot at Giant. They only had triple chocolate and vanilla. Mint is my favorite but any Viennetta is better than none. Good luck finding it folks!

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          In the interest of furthering an old discussion, I saw some at the Ralph's on Wilshire & Hauser recently.

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            I think they only bring it out over the holidays. Also Breyer's ice cream has gone way downhill in quality since Unilevertook it over, most flavors are not even "all natural" anymore....the Viennetta is probably now a waxy airy mess.

            1. re: jackattack

              It's so true. And I haven't seen their mint chip anywhere for years. I still love the natural vanilla, though. And while we're at it: I miss 1/2 gallons. This 1.75 quart nonsense is just that, nonsense.

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                It is a waxy airy mess...but it does bring back some good memories.

            2. My sister and I were so excited to see it in the frozen section at the Albertsons in Upland on Campus. I've no idea if it's stocked at an Albertson's near you.

              North Campus Avenue Upland CA, North Campus Avenue Upland, CA

              1. i just had it in bloomington, indiana last month.....still under the breyer's brand.....i was surprised cause i had not seen it for a longtime here in california.....first ran into it in berkeley many years ago....sure hope it's back again.