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Dec 22, 2010 04:51 AM

Detroit: London Chop House to Re-open

One of the vanished names of Detroit's storied past is about to make a comeback.

The London Chop House, a legendary downtown eatery that closed in 1991, will reopen early in 2011, owner Nico Gatzaros and his father, developer Ted Gatzaros, said Friday.

Located on the lower level of the Murphy-Telegraph Building at 155 Congress, the London Chop House long reigned as one of Detroit's A-list restaurants, drawing the powerful and well-to-do for its cuisine and attentive service.

"You're still going to get the great quality, but it's going to be much more reasonable" in terms of prices, Nico Gatzaros said Friday. He suggested entrees might run in the $25-$30 range.

"The place is truly just a gem down there. It just needed to be polished up," he said.

The Gatzaros family also owns and operates the popular Fishbone's restaurants, from which personnel will be drawn to staff the reopened London Chop House.

Nico Gatzaros described the new version of the restaurant as "just like it used to be ....Everything's going to be back to the old school." He said Friday that he hoped to open within 30 days.

Established in 1938 by the Gruber brothers, the old London Chop House went on to win numerous awards as one of America's top restaurants. Several notable chefs worked there, including Jimmy Schmidt, who later established the Rattlesnake Club restaurant in Detroit.

Read more: Detroit's London Chop House to reopen in early 2011, owners say | | Detroit Free Press

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  1. Perhaps they should keep the Fishbones personnel where they're at, and start fresh at London Chop House?

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    1. re: vtombrown

      So if you take the best of Fishbone's staff you are not addressing a glaring issue of quality. You will make Fishbone's even worse than it's horrid state and bring all of Fishbone's bad habits to to a new venture. The Gruber Brothers need to invest in proper management and a REAL chef.

      1. re: JanPrimus

        This. In all seriousness, I cannot fathom what continues to draw people to Fishbones, as they do far worse than many chains do. To know that these idiots are going to be in charge of the LCH moniker is sheer blasphemy. Here's hoping that they'll pull a 180 and do it right.

        I've got $20 that says they won't. Any takers/suckers out there?

        1. re: boagman

          I would not take that bet.

          BTW AB. I added about 5 fake new contacts in my Blackberry ahead of you. I hope that kills the butt dialing. :)

          1. re: boagman

            Well, the formal/after work business crowd with an expense account was the basis in the 80's. I think that expense accounts are back to generate Detroit expansion. Not Kwame, just good food , great midwestern service. and fine wine. I will definitely support it with a certain Detroit feel.