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Dec 21, 2010 09:57 PM

Anyone Made Thomas Keller's Quiche Lorraine?

Thinking of doing his recipe from "Bouchon" tomorrow for Christmas Eve dinner. Has anyone made it? Bugs or things to be careful about?

Oh, and I have no ring mold big enough. Will a springform pan work?


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  1. I created an account just to answer this question...Sorry I did not see it 2 months ago.

    This is the best quiche recipe going. Seriously. I use a spring form pan and wrap the crust over the top of the pan for baking. You need a lot of pie weights to blind bake the crust.
    After the entire quiche is cool - use a knife to break off the crust around the top, take off the side of the springform pan, and trim of any remaining crust that sticks out above the filling. Because you can easily get the side of the pan off, I really think the spring form is the way to go.

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      i have a giant tupperware full of beans that i use as pie weights. when i am done baking my crust, i just toss the beans back in the tupperware to use again.

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        Raid the penny jar! I have used them for a couple of years, and many crusts, despite some questions (germs? don't care; excess heat conductivity? don't know). They work really well for me. And they're only one cent each.

    2. Suffering from a lack of the correct ring mold, I used a springform pan and it turned out beautifully. The filling is without a doubt the very best I've ever had, and it was worth every ounce of trouble, which by the way was really no trouble at all. The crust is very light, so when you blindbake make sure you have adequate weight in the pan or it'll puff up all over ya. Bon Apetit!
      Ah, and I see that yet again I've re-iterated what somebody else said. Dammit, WHEN WILL I LEARN?

      1. i've always used a springform pan for my quiches. I don't have Thomas Keller's recipe, so far I'm quite happy with my own. I use a pate brisee, and the quiche is quite tall, and the fill delicious. The springform pan produces a beautiful quiche- quite grande.

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          chef chicklet, I'd love to have your version if it's not classified. ; )

        2. Hi all! Do tell -- what do you do with the Keller-crust that is draped over the top of the springform pan?Leave it? Break it off? Just trying to think presentation wise. The photo I found via google images was tons of crust falling like curtains over the outside sides of the springform pan.