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Dec 21, 2010 09:42 PM

Have a Romantic Christmas with a KFC Christmas Cake!

Because in Japan, christmas is really weird. Seriously, reservations for KFC takeout?

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  1. Christmas is a weird, weird time here. Christmas is hyped just as much as it is in the states (Christmas music playing everywhere, stores with decorations up, shopping centers with huge Christmas trees), but then Christmas day is a workday and no one really celebrates it except by going out on a date. I think small children get a present or two from Santa, but otherwise it's weirdy anti-climactic.

    And yes, I was here last year for Christmas... I got into the spirit and went to KFC for Christmas Eve dinner, but they were out of fried chicken and I had to settle for roast chicken. All kinds of stores start advertising their Christmas cakes starting in October and you have to make a reservation to get one.

    It's weird and different, but it's nice that the kids still get all excited about it and believe in Santa... even if they do believe that Christmas is Santa's birthday.