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Dec 21, 2010 09:41 PM


anyone know where i can get some fresh figs in the los angeles area?

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    1. I think you missed the last of the figs by two or three weeks... :(

      1. When in season, local fresh figs are at Whole Foods.
        Dried figs are around.

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          Figs freeze fairly well, so it's best to plan ahead and buy them in season and freeze them. I have trees and have successfully frozen three varieties.

        2. THey have been at the farmers markets for the last month or month and a half and although you can still find them there, you are definately towards the very end of the season. As of last week, there were figs at the Saturday, Santa Monica farmers market. The problem is that there wont be a market this week or next because of the holidays and in 3 weeks when they are back, there may not be any figs left.

          1. Try Armenian/Middle Eastern markets, but the only figs around are Brown Turkeys and they're possibly the least flavourful. Fig season really ended about a month and a half ago.