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Dec 21, 2010 06:37 PM

What to do with pears

I received a Harry & David gift a couple days ago with seven huge, beautiful pears. I've never been a huge pear fan - don't know why since I don't dislike them, just rarely choose to buy them over other fruits. So these pears are ripening quickly and I need some ideas of what to do with them!!

I also don't have my Christmas dinner dessert planned yet. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't want to do a crisp, cobbler, etc. The idea of poached pears doesn't ring my chimes. A tart of some sort maybe?? I'm so on Christmas overload that I can't think of anything.

Please help with some ideas! Thanks.

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  1. How about a Pear Clafoutis?

    Or, a pear poundcake drizzled with a chocolate basalmic vinegar sauce and some heavy cream?

    1. I am not a huge pear fan -other than using them as a vehicle for Brie!!! But, I made this for a company dessert and thought it was really nice and different...

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        pear tart with brie, like the classic apple pie and cheddar is really good.

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            Wow, this recipe was FABULOUS! I'm not even sure I did it right, I got caught up chopping pears and let the batter mix too long. So the finished product was maybe a little denser than the recipe intended, but it tased wonderful. The pears with bittersweet chocolate...genius. Thanks for the recommendation, this recipe goes into the rotation.

            1. re: nojunk

              Oh, I am so glad you liked it!
              It is a very different kind of cake -and so nice to serve in the winter.

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                Thanks for pointing out the bittersweet chocolate and pear cake.
                I love smittenkitchen.

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              You beat me too it, I was going to say Galleygirl's pear tart as well!

            2. How about a pear vanilla bean butter? Or a pavlova with a few other fruits? Poached pears can be nice, too.

              1. I do a salad with pear, chevre, and toasted walnuts with a bit of chopped scallions. Dress with a vinegarette of olive oil, white balsamic or apple cider vinegar, spoonful of yogurt or sour cream, squeeze of honey and the juice of half an orange - salt and pepper to taste. Very nice!