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Dec 21, 2010 06:09 PM

steak or italian in Bergen County for Xmas eve?


I'm looking for a restaurant that can either be a steakhouse or an italian restaurant in Bergen County, hopefully in the vicinity of Palisades Park, Fort Lee, Edgewater, Paramus, and Teaneck.

My party is 3 people.

I've looked into River Palm Terrace in Edgewater and Prime & Beyond in Fort Lee, but we are skeptical at this point because 1) we are rather picky with meat being raised in South America for 13 years and 2) we were always disappointed by the steaks at the major famous steak houses in Manhattan including Keen, Uncle Jack, Del Frisco, and many others. The only steakhouse that was consistently good was Peter Luger in Brooklyn.

So we are kind of scared to try a new steakhouse because we got burned a few times even after doling out a few hundred dollars.

So my question is, is there a steakhouse in NJ that is worth paying that much money?

Or would we be better off finding an italian place? If it is, which Italian place would you recommend?

I'm looking into Di Palma, BV Tuscany at this point.

Thank you.

River Palm Terrace
1416 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020

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  1. If Keens and Uncle Jack's and some of the other major players aren't doing it for you then you likely won't find anything in NJ that will suit your tastes.

    I'd try Cliff's Steakhouse in Englewood Cliffs, which is closer to the Luger style than any of the places you note above.

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      I've never been to Cliffs Steak House, but have heard many good things. I would recommend you pass on The Assembly or Smoke.

      Personally, I've never had a bad meal at either Prime and Beyond or The River Palm Terrace.....but these two places are much different in their approaches to dining than some of the others you have mentioned. What type of steak are you expecting to order? The only negative I can say about TRPT, is I ordered a Cowboy RibEye once and they gave me the last cut on the end....not my favorite part of the RibEye section. The meat was good, but I would have preferred something closer to the center. Now, I know better to ask specifically for my steaks.....and I suggest you do too. At Prime & Beyond, you are going for the beef alone and the Korean sides.....There is no ambiance, but the BYOB may be a factor since you mention the overall expense is a concern. The guy takes his meat very seriously....and they also have Dry Age Lamb.

      Regardless of the opinion of others (preemptive strike t.) , if you want to kill two birds with one stone, consider Dinallo's in River Edge. Nothing earth shattering, but solid quality and offerings of beef, pounded veal, pasta and fish. Their Chicken on the bone is a favorite for many.

      as for the Italian....I love DiPalma Brothers....but I'm into the rustic approach. if you have never been, the quirkiness of the place can be interesting. Parking is a problem though.

      Dinallo's Restaurant
      259 Johnson Ave, River Edge, NJ 07661

      1. re: tommy

        @tommy, maybe it was a bad day for their chefs, but the Keens' mutton chop and prime rib were dry and not as flavorful as I expected. Del Frisco was simply bland.
        I really don't want to come across as a meat snob, and I'm not one IMO, but many famous steakhouses in NY simply didn't cut it. That's why we are rather leery of venturing to a new steakhouse, and rather settle for a "safer" Italian restaurant. But I'll definitely look into Cliff's steakhouse.

        @fourunder, We are not particularly worried about the expense as long as it's worth it. If the steak were fabulous, I don't mind paying $60+ a person. But many times they disappoint. With a third of that money, I could satisfy myself better eating raw beef liver, charcoal grilled intestines, beef shanks, and pork belly.
        I'm not looking for a specific cut or a specific style. Although I believe that the best meat should be only accompanied by salt and proper grilling, I'm open to any kind. It just has to be good.
        We've been to DiPalma Brothers a few times before. They were awesome, but the portion was way too big. As a party of 3, we could only order one appetizer and two main dishes, and still couldn't finish.
        Well, first I"ll take a look at Cliff's steakhouse, and ask my family what they want to do.

        Thanks for your advices!